Even visiting on a busy Saturday afternoon, there were never more than a couple of people within sight until I got right up to the tunnel (and even then it was fewer than 10 people despite the other parking areas being quite full). Thanks again for sharing your passion. You can ascend the hillside to the roadway from either side of the tunnel, but the far side of the tunnel is a bit easier. Keep up the great work! Here is some backstory on how this section of the turnpike became abandoned. The Abandoned PA Turnpike is a 9-mile stretch of America's first super highway that has sat unused for nearly 50 years. turnpike right-of-way. The most popular is located at the end of the abandoned section of the road while the other is located in the middle between the two tunnels, though it’s much closer to the Sideling Hill Tunnel end. We ATV riders pay a registration fee and carry insurance. *  Photographs and accounts of the potential location of the Clear Ridge The hills are not very steep, especially going to Ray’s Hill Tunnel. However, the concrete barriers were barely wide enough for me to push a baby stroller through. This category has only the following subcategory. There are barriers to keep them out at either end. This was well worth it. I traveled thru these tunnels many times during the early sixties on weekends going to DC from northwestern PA. https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/features/a24696/racings-secret-hideout-ganassi-tunnel/, Hi, added, spotlights several books written about the Turnpike and it's history; After parking, head up the hill along the dirt path. Help spread the word. However, it is possible to still see inside the first floor rooms, which feel very much like the set of a horror movie. While both sections of the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike are worth visiting, if you only have time to visit one area, check out Rays Hill Tunnel in Breezewood. http://www.pike2bike.com. After 50 years of neglect, the asphalt has cracked and the ground is being reclaimed … There were points biking between the two tunnels that several of us thought we would pass out from exhaustion, (there were low grade hills that we struggled through) but my word, was it worth it. Read it in 24 hours. the eastern portal   (NEW!). Since the highway closed in 1968, only a short piece was repaved for experimenting with the “singing shoulder.” The tunnels retain their original concrete surface. The Jersey barriers were set so that you can ride a bike through but too close for an ATV. document.write('">Add our site to your favorites!'); Back in 1968, the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed a section of highway as tunnels that were only one lane each way were just too small for the growing traffic. Who wrote it? You can see it on our maps. The first, is less than a mile from the center of Breezewood, at the intersection of Interstate 70 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. When walking up to the tunnel, you can actually see a sliver of light from the far end. It’s worth noting that while you won’t have a problem finding somewhere to camp, it is technically against the rules as far as I know. Forgot account? Until a few years ago, it was possible to go inside Rays Hill Tunnel. Can you ride your horse along that trail? Minor mistake there -- corrected as of November Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année. Hi Murray, Yes I know Russ well, saw him in December. and my personal curiosity. Heck, you can do it without even looking. Glad you enjoy the site. I was under the impression that it was a flat stretch of road, so I made the comment as a heads up for those who made the same assumption. It is a special place, Kyle. I love old singang – too= maybe make this strech a rebulit slicce of americana. I would say that it’s as safe as any trail. You don’t know what is in there. S.A.C. The book Weird PA has a lot of misinformation. As soon as you leave town, you’ll go down a big hill. It’s closer to being 7.5-8 miles from one end to the other. It has also become a popular spot for hikers who want to explore the area. The Abandoned PA Turnpike in … If you love PA waterfalls, you won't want to miss this brand-new waterfall book from Jim Cheney, author of Uncovering PA, featuring more than 180 great waterfalls. He has also traveled to more than 30 different countries around the world. Janet, I discovered that old highway in 1973 and at the time, it had only been closed for 5 years. There were always the plan to double tunnel them but economics and expansion of the Turnpike prevented all of this. Getting off the Turnpike, the highway number will turn to I-70. See more of Abandoned PA Turnpike on Facebook. Great article ! pictures; Laurel Hill and Rays-Sideling bypass road maps posted; Cove Valley By combining the emails and pictures from three recent Browse more videos. You cannot get a motorized vehicle by the tunnels, you have to park in the designated areas and walk to the tunnels. Next time I am up that way I will have to check it out. the Tunnel; near  Hopefully they will be posted in the next week as I spoke with Carl Defebo some time ago and that was the issue. Being 13 miles, it would be a natural location with no traffic worries. Millions of people travel along the Pennsylvania Turnpike through Bedford and Fulton Counties each year. I The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is the common name of a 13 mile (21 km) stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that was bypassed in 1968 when a modern stretch opened to ease traffic congestion. Since then, our Top 10 have changed a bit as we have been to some really cool places. Pick up one Turnpike book’s I wrote with Neal Schorr from Amazon and you can see what it looked like during the operation of the highway. The Lehigh Tunnel, on the Northeast Extension was double tunneled circa 1990. The abandoned turnpike is a few miles down the road. The road does seem a bit like a private drive, but about 100 yards up is a parking area and access to the path. And so crazy these “taggers” tag/graffiti places others have not a clue about!? working on the "statistics" pages for each tunnel (I have a lot of I am a photographer and I am doing a series on abandoned areas in my area. thanks to two very reliable sources, more information has been received about Instead of expanding the tunnels, the highway was rerouted along a different route through the mountains. The video isn’t mine. I made the following changes: Hill Tunnel statistics pages. Flickr/Brook Ward. ATV riders share our trails with hikers, bikers, and horses all the time with no problems. I’ve been through the Sidling Hill tunnel a few times. I went there a few times as a teen we could just bike there from our farm and we knew the people that owned the land leading down to the one entrance (which from what i read is the back entrance because it was the farthest away from Breezwood) I myself have never been through the tunnels they were just too dark for me and i have not been back since 2000 when i was 16. Redirectors will be added this week to point visitors to of the old turnpike in Breezewood accessible to visitors * Playing next. Instead, return to your car and drive 10 miles to the northwestern end of the road. Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike (preliminary) For me, the abandoned turnpike, a place where one can take a hike that was once the exclusive domain of automobiles, is the stuff of legend. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. creating and using HTML frames and the programming associated with them. Ridge hiking trail (crosses over the tunnel and the bypass route). Hope you enjoy the trip, Larry! Thanks for sharing! Would it be the much fun to ride? It would be extremely difficult to find your way back out without a light. var url="http://www.javascriptsource.com"; You can pass through both the Rays Hill and Sideling Hill Tunnels. Approaching from the east (Sideling side) it’s maybe a half mile to the first tunnel, just past the old service center area (Cove Valley). Big rich o is a media, image server. Is it possible to ride a street bike on this trail or is it better for a mountain bike? Updates to the Sideling Hill pages, including statistics are in the works and It’s also worth noting that motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on the road, even if you can get it through. Instead, you take another road that is about 100 yards further down the road. Laurel Hill Statistics page has been updated. Mar 20, 2020 - Explore Brandon Townsend's board "Abandoned Pennsylvania turnpike" on Pinterest. It’s a shame that people can be respectful and enjoy their time when visiting the abandoned PA Turnpike. Mrdalekjd methods for $$$. Also watched as the they built the by pass. In fact, it added to it. The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is the common name of a 13 mile (21 km) stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that was bypassed in 1968 when a modern stretch opened to ease traffic congestion. I’d be wary of saying yes because the land along the turnpike is all private property. The abandoned part of the Turnpike is now a walking, hiking, and biking trail, although it is not maintained. The fabled and amazing Pennsylvania Turnpike started off as a folly of a railway plan. They patrol and I maintain, other than that any other vehicle (ATV can get in but cars are almost impossible) is breaking the law. There are actually two different parking areas to check out the Sideling Hill Tunnel. beginning in 1960 for several years we traveled the turnpike from the exit that take one up to Johnstown east to NY and went thru these tunnels many times. It is located at the Westmoreland/Somerset County line and was bypassed in 1964. use) -- thank you all for help; topographical maps posted -- more annotations 30, but was unable to find a reasonable alternative on existing roads. complete with explanations, rumors, theories and facts We have a house in Bedford and visited this during a girls weekend. If you are planning to go into the tunnels, I recommend bringing a very powerful flashlight (your phone isn’t strong enough). Linda, The old Turnpike is a fascinating facility which I discovered in 1973, only 5 years after the new bypass closed. facts about LHT have been updated and included on the statistics page. They take in a lot of money at that bridge + the high tolls now charged to use the Penn Turnpike, far above any long distance toll road facility!~. Western Pennsylvania trail guru Bill Metzger who was also at that meeting and who is a railroad history buff responded, “They are already there.” Noting that the abandoned Turnpike bypassed this mountain pass with a flat easy road section, a task force including PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission explored this new opportunity for re-use.