Is the paragraph in the best order possible? He said Nynex screens companies to make sure they are legitimate. Make a list of questions as you think of them before your visit to be sure you do not forget anything, and do not hesitate to call the center after leaving with any additional questions you might have. Every sentence you speak or write either states something, asks a question, gives an order, or expresses some kind of emotion. Find more ways to say sure, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 0. Even though you won't be working at the company any more, you want to be sure the final addition to your employment record is one that portrays you in a positive light. 0. Like any website today, you want to be sure your children are safe when viewing its pages. Most shelters encourage this and will allow you to interact with the cat to be sure you are a good fit for one another. CK 46572 His victory made him a hero. Turn sideways and raise your arms to be sure the back of the band doesn't slide up when you move. For a baby, you only want to be sure the shoe is not too heavy, so you can shop online without worry. He then exits the house and looks up at the number on the door to be sure he has the right address. Finally, you'll need to check your attic occasionally to be sure the insulation is still in its proper place. You need to be sure any water you use whether as a growing medium or simply watering is filtered water. "I think we'll keep you past the thirty days, just to be sure a certain Grey God does what we want him to," Xander continued. Crew members want to be sure you have a great vacation, and they can easily direct you to different onboard destinations. If the positions of the clauses were reversed, with the independent clause first, there would be no comma in the sentence. Consumers should also check to be sure outdated programs will be compatible with their computers. Another matter to consider when purchasing your compact fluorescent bulbs is to be sure bulbs to be used in a three-way lamp are designed for this purpose. Purchase the root in dried or powdered form from a reputable retailer to be sure you are ingesting the correct plant. Free online spell and grammar checker based on LanguageTool - an open source proofreading software. Sentence Construction. This is for your benefit, as the bank wants to be sure the owner of the card is the one using it. In this way, the company acknowledges that an engagement ring is only the beginning of a relationship, and they are willing to work with the couple to be sure that relationship succeeds. It's important to be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions of the policy before you purchase such an insurance product. Eat a diet for healthy hair to keep your hair nourished from the inside, and consider hair vitamins to be sure your hair is always in top condition. How to use sure in a sentence. The daily newsletter is a timeline of events and activities, and using a highlighter to mark ones that interest you is a quick and easy way to be sure you don't miss out. Even if it is discounted, you will want to be sure that it is made well and will do what you need it to. : 184 Sentence Checker. You'll want to take your measurements to be sure you're ordering the size that fits. Always have your daughter try on the ensemble to be sure both the dress and jacket fit properly, since these sets come in two pieces. You want to be sure you get everything you want. Eat a diet for healthy hair for several weeks prior to donating to be sure your hair is in top condition. 2) You can always be sure of Kay. Speaking of cost, and similar sites will send you's way, though you may still want to do a Google search just to be sure you're getting the best deal. make sure this is addressed. After all, with such a great variety, there's no way to be sure you're finding something wonderful. These forms of Las Vegas entertainment are offered quite often, so families need to be sure to keep an eye open for times. Regardless of the kind of party you end up throwing, you want to be sure to get your invitations out as soon as possible. Size: If you have a large guest list, you will need a larger wedding card box to be sure it does not become so full or crowded that cards or damaged or bent. Use high quality hair products including shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for the exact hair type for at least a month prior to the wedding to be sure hair is properly cared for. Read site descriptions carefully to be sure that you are going to be redirected to a site that displays art. “I’m having trouble with [something]. —A. Correct sentence in your writings can cater well for the purpose, but obtaining this correctness is nowadays redefined through our online software grammar tool. Filter. You don't have to live in the country to adopt some farm lifestyles, but you do need to be sure it's legal in your area. Even when the Liberal-Imperialist 0111vier ministry was formed, he maintained at first an anything but benevolent neutrality, and then an open opposition, and it is impossible to be sure whether mere "canniness," or something better, kept him from joining the government of the National Defence, of which he was in a manner the author. ● Is the paragraph in the best order possible? Once your style is ready and you've dressed for the prom, you need to be sure you can take care of your hair throughout the evening. Before choosing one Sea World deal to use, investigate the offer thoroughly to be sure it is valid and legitimate. 0. It is really the bare minimum you have to do to be sure the colors of your digital images look right. 66. Movies: A movie marathon or one long movie is a fun activity, but carefully preview any unknown titles to be sure they are appropriate and not too scary. At home, the hostess should try to stay clear-headed in order to be sure the other guests do not become overly intoxicated on their good party drinks. This is to be sure that the language is precise and cannot be loosely interpreted, in case there are disagreements in the future. These bothersome pests may take up residence on a stuffed animal, and to be sure that the stuffed dog is not harboring any fleas or ticks, apply a small amount of control powder to the toy after each cleaning. sure. in the middle of a sentence, never at the beginning or end. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Victory" in Example Sentences Page 1. As a rule, you always want to plan for at least one day of rain, just to be sure you have suitable items if the weather is poor. If you are unsure of your color choices, buy a book such as the Color Scheme Bible to be sure you're getting the effect you really want. As you try on bras, you first have to be sure that the straps are adjusted to the correct length. One way to be sure clothes will be safe for a toddler's skin is to buy organic. Seek the help of a car electronics installer if you want to be sure it's professionally installed. Every recycling facility has different guidelines for how to recycle paper products, and consumers should investigate how paper must be prepared, sorted, and turned in to be sure they can contribute to the recycling effort effectively. certainty . No matter what size you choose, look for the Energy Star label to be sure that it is as energy efficient and economical to operate as possible. You'll need to be sure your cabinets and appliances as well as the floor and countertop provide enough contrast to make this color work in the over all kitchen design. Whether you wear makeup regularly or are making a special effort for prom, you'll want to be sure that your look is flawless. Source_VOA 1637367 … How to connect 'sure' with other words to make correct English sentences. Most homes will, but if your home is an older one, you'll want to be sure you secure the rod in the wall studs and not the window casing. The only way to be sure whether or not your vehicle is affected is to check with the Office of Defects Investigation or with the Toyota website. Put "i.e." That said, they do not accept returns, so you want to be sure of your choice before purchasing. When you are researching online Christian homeschool programs, it is important to read the faith statement of each organization to be sure that the values taught align with your personal beliefs. You may want to get the most recent statement to be sure of your exact number of air miles along with any changes to the guidelines. I had to be sure I even wanted you here. However, it pays to follow a few simple steps to be sure you find the discounted wedding dress of your dreams. As good as Swiss Gear baggage is, you should still take a look and feel to be sure it's the right fit for your travel needs. 0. The Forms of “To Be” The Greek sea god, Proteus, was (like the sea) capable of changing form in an instant. You'll want to be sure you can see under it as you work rather than around it. The site indicates that "one size fits most", so you will have to contact them to be sure the leg warmers will be comfortable for your toddler, especially if you have one who is in the upper percentile of height. You'll want to be sure the broker is legitimate. If you want to be sure you're headed for the accommodations you want, a Mobil Travel Guide hotel rating can help decide what hotel has the services and standards you're looking for. A half inch shorter top to bottom and about three quarters of an inch narrower from side to side is a good ratio, but read any ordering instructions offered by the window manufacturer to be sure. The clause must consist of both a subject and a verb. However, check to see if there is a standard used within your company to be sure your business letters fall within company guidelines.