Its muzzle velocity is 3440 fps, and the energy… Even the 300 grain Silvertip bullet fired from the .375 Magnum showed considerable deflection in O'Connor's testing. It is most effective at a range of 550 yards, which is undoubtedly considered long range. If a .30-06 is ideal at 575 yards, is it less ideal at 200? However, it gives us a good baseline as we work up through larger calibers. But the closer to perfection the better. The most popular autoloaders are the Browning BAR Mark II and the Remington 7400. O'Connor summarized his results this way: "I found that the higher the bullet velocity, the sharper the point, the thinner the jacket, the lighter the weight, the greater the deflection. Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO) Range Time. Repalace it with the .280 Remington, will do everything the 7 Mag will and more accurately. The cartridge for a woods rifle should be able to launch a bullet with a sectional density (SD) of at least .205 (and .225 or better is desirable) at a MV between 2000 and 2500 fps for good killing power and sufficiently flat trajectory for shots out to 200 yards. Best Seller in Gun Brushes. Such a scope should be mounted securely, centrally, and as low as possible. For deer hunting these numbers are best limited to a range of about 100 yards. The worst caliber for penetrating brush was the .220 Swift loaded with a 50 grain Spire Point bullet. If you’re looking for an all-weather gun that shoots well and handles great, the Davidson’s Mossberg Model 464 Brush Gun would make a fine addition to your hunting battery. No one should intentionally try to drive a bullet though brush to kill an animal on the far side. While the Taurus Raging Bull is available in a wide variety of barrel lengths and … So, how do you choose the best caliber out of so many options? Personally, I think a .44 mag rifle is one of the best brush guns going for deer... as well as a best kept secret, apparently. All three under a feeder @ 106 yards and all three head or neck shot. A wounded animal hit with it should leave a substantial blood trail for easy tracking even if the bullet did not go all the way through. Cartridges like the .458 Winchester Magnum are frequent winners. 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,537. I have Shot and warn out Rifles over the years as a Deer Culler I found in my own experiences that the – 243 win using a 110 grain Bullet Hauled a lot of Deer with placement Shot,s & 25- 06 Remington is a very Low recoil Caliber , very accurate hard hitting, excellent Deer Hunting Calibre Low Meat Damage, as for the 270,win & 308 win Meat Damage was Dramatic , Basic Wild Beef Calibre s 308win & 270 win, When won asked them selfs what would be the perfect Trophy Hunting Caliber by Far the Famouse 7,mm Remington Magnum, I am so Looking forward to Remington making another Classic in this model with Iron Sights & Walnut WOOD, Scope Mounts ,what a accurate Rifle I hope that Remington bring another 7,mm Remington Magnum out again in a Remington Classic . By Richard Mann. You can use it for ground squirrels right on up to moose if you want. The Springfield .30-60 is a requirement of deer hunters nowadays. to 195-grain bullets is available to choose from as per the requirements. As you said caliber is simply the diameter of the bullet. That’s my 2 cents worth after years of handloading, and hunting all game in the Eastern and Western states. It is one of the perfect options available for deer hunting.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',112,'0','0'])); The Winchester .243 is one of the better calibers which can give you excellent results. Physics !” Fast and flat out in the open”, “big and slow in the woods”. Hunters are always on the lookout for the best caliber ammunition for deer hunting to achieve the best success rate. A few retained their iron sights, but most have had optical sights, which I strongly prefer. ... Hoppe's No. Our smaller bore brushes for.17 and.22 caliber are one inch in length for limited breech actions. The .338 bullet selected should be a flat nose design with plenty of lead exposed for good expansion. • Best Gun Cases for the Traveling Hunter • An Ode to the .30-06 Springfield • Top 5 Boutique Bullet Companies • Top 5 .22 Long Rifle Loads • 5 Reasons Round-Nose Bullets Are Still Cool • Top 5 Dangerous Game Loads • Top 5 Turkey Loads • 5 Rifle Cartridges That Need to Make a Comeback • Top 5 Safari Calibers I do love the 7mm-08 light recoil plenty of energy and penetration. Jack O'Connor, in his Gun Book wrote about the results of such a test that he spent several afternoons conducting with a variety of calibers and bullet weights. Hunted for years with a 30-30 Marlin and took a lot of deer with it. This is enough weight to minimize the recoil of woods cartridges on the order of the .30-30 and .35 Remington without making it an unreasonable burden. Rifles for these more powerful cartridges are best with 22" barrels and should weigh at least 8 pounds ready to hunt. Stocks can be made of synthetic materials (plastic), laminated wood, a hardwood such as beech or maple, and genuine walnut. It’s really tough to determine which cartridge American hunters have killed more … This rifle should be chambered for a cartridge of moderate recoil that moves a fairly heavy for caliber, RN or FP bullet at medium velocity. Its muzzle velocity is 2860 fps, and energy is 2542 ft. lbs. He has all the cartridge knowledge he needs. The idea that these ranges are “most effective” for a cartridge doesn’t make sense. This latter projectile proved to the best brush-bucker of them all, as it is stabilized by its weight forward design rather than by spin. They are designed for short barrels and using a 125 grain Hornady SST, I shot three deer and not a single one took a step. Its muzzle velocity is 2390 fps, and its muzzle energy is 1902 ft. lbs. Bullet diameter is 7.2 mm (0.284 in), and its parent case is the .308 Winchester, with a rimless, bottleneck type case. This makes sense to me. It is the very first smokeless powder cartridge for sporting produced by Winchester. It works outstandingly in the 385-yard range. Not all firearms are created equal though and you might run across a firearm in your safe where even a 2” compact brush is still too long. Even newer is the .338 Marlin Express, a wildcat first publicly proposed on Guns and Shooting Online and created by necking-up the .308 Marlin case to accept .338" diameter bullets. Optics. I’ve searching the web for this kind of article and it’s the best I want to say that.By the way I want say I prefer 270 Winchester for hunting. The model is made to have all tools in one kit so that you can … It first originated in the U.S and was designed in the 1980s. When you are purchasing a gun cleaning kit, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials used in these brushes. This bullet is lightweight with a high ballistic co-efficiency. Well, I like the list and for whitetails I have always preferred my old stand by .270 even for elk, BUT last year a came up with another PERFECT short range ( under 200 yards) gun. Not to be picky, but at the start of the article you correctly describe the difference between caliber and cartridge, then you continue to use caliber almost everywhere else in the article when you should be using cartridge. The medium bore .338 Federal, .348 Winchester, .356 Winchester, .358 Winchester and .375 Winchester make effective woods cartridges with round nose or flat point bullets. It is bullet diameter is 0.257 inches (6.53 mm), and its weight ranges from between 75 to 120 grains (4.9 to 7.8 g). One suggests that a bullet that is highly stable (spinning very rapidly) is more likely to stay pretty much on course after encountering an obstacle than one that is only marginally stable (spinning more slowly). However, here is one more thing to consider: If you are using the AR 15 Rifle, you must use the Best AR 15 Scope for more powerful and accurate shots. It works, but the extended eye relief dramatically reduces the scope's field of view. Lyman and Williams are the most commonly encountered brands. Nylon Brush This bullet should be driven at a MV of 2400-2450 fps. Typically used on the first pass or two while cleaning a gun barrel, the bronze brush is used to remove heavy carbon buildup. This is a reasonable compromise between portability and the ballistic requirements of the medium velocity woods cartridges for which it is designed. The muzzle velocity is 2960 fps, with an energy level of 1945 ft. lbs. A low mounted scope allows the cheek better contact with the buttstock, lines up faster for a quick shot, and balances better on the rifle. In lever action rifles the selection broadens. A bolt action can make a satisfactory woods rifle for those who learn to operate it while keeping the butt of the stock against the shoulder, which should be done with all repeating rifles. I will clarify though. So a fixed power scope of 1.5x to 3x, or a variable power scope within the 1-4x range is the best sight for a modern woods rifle. Rifles for these calibers should weigh 7 to 8 pounds and have 22" barrels. With less expensive ammo I can shoot more and have a better chance of dropping deer efficiently. I have a 7 Mag, 30-06, 270, 300 Mag, 243, and 223. Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. Rarely are the deer far away when shot, and trajectory is a non-issue. A big field of view, on the other hand, is very desirable when hunting big game animals at fairly close range, and absolutely critical if running shots are to be taken. The bullet weights are available in different sizes ranging from 55 grains (3.6 g) to 115 grains (6.8 g). The diameter of the bullet is .243 inches (6.2 mm), which is suitable for rifles. If I am shooting under 350 yds. 308Winchester is good and very popular for a reason. of free recoil when fired in an 8 pound rifle. Few can argue that the bolt action deserves top consideration as do-it-all rifle for brush and open country. The average shot in this sort of country will be less than 100 yards, so high velocity and long range killing power are less important than short range stopping power and the ability of the bullet to sneak (or blast) through leaves and twigs on its way to the target. as factory loaded and the trajectory should be flat enough to allow a point blank range in excess of 200 yards. I have read about several "brush-bucking" tests in which the authors tried to determine empirically what sort of bullet is most likely to penetrate brush and reach the target (usually a deer silhouette). But, in fact, these eminently practical rifles receive little notice in gun magazines or on the internet, despite the fact that the great majority of deer taken every year in North America are killed within 100 yards, regardless of whether they are killed in the North, South, East, or West. It first originated in 1952 in the United States. or .358 Win. Capable of taking medium game including deer, hog, and even black bear, it’s a capable rifle for close-distance encounters. Loved the article, I hunt in heavy brush and timber so all I can say is I love my 45-70. The Savage Axis II is often paired with a factory scope to make it a great entry-level … So, now, you have a better understanding of caliber, I will quickly tell you what makes a good one. Most shots will be probably have to be taken offhand (standing) because a clear view of the target will usually be blocked by underbrush from the prone position, and often even from the sitting position. It should ideally be a repeater that allows a quick second shot when necessary. The brush and the style of hunting that I typically use in these conditions ... Henry 45-70. The 100 grain .250 bullet was better than the 87 grain bullet, but still not very good at getting through the brush. In the 30 caliber field, .308 and .30-06 top choices. One important variable in such tests is the distance the target is placed behind the "brush." Autoloading actions are the fastest of all, followed by pumps and lever actions. Taurus Raging Bull. 7mm mag both are killing machines. However, the bolt is inherently the slowest of all repeating actions. Less powerful than the first group are some old standby deer cartridges and modern revolver cartridges adapted for use in rifles. 7mm-08 is a great caliber, low recoil, will do about anything a .280 Remington will do but with less recoil, it doesnt have much more kick than a 30-30 winchester. Above 150 yards, I would not even consider it. The selection of bolt action carbines suitable for use in the woods is even more extensive. The common "semi-buckhorn" and "buckhorn" rear sights have useless side wings projecting up on either side of the rear notch, and obscure even more of the target and the surrounding landscape. It works well at a range of 525 yards. 10 Best Calibers for Deer Hunting (Updated: 2020), first originated in the U.S and was designed in the 1980s, Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. I think that it is the best all around caliber. To summarize, a good woods rifle should be fairly light and well balanced. I suspect that you would have to fire an awful lot of bullets into real brush to get statistically valid results. On my various woods rifles I have tried factory open sights, receiver sights, scopes mounted forward of the receiver, and scopes (both fixed and variable) mounted conventionally. And a mulie in high winds…with a 308…also in a pistol. There are quite a number of decent woods rifles on the market. Above and beyond the call of duty for use on deer and black bear are the .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin, and .45-70. You get the increased accuracy and terminal performance of a long gun with reduced recoil of handgun rounds. The .30-30 in a lightning-fast, lever-action carbine is still the best combination for deer in thick brush. The bullet diameter is .277 in (7.0 mm), and it is known as one of the elite calibers used to kill deer effectively. Basically, we would all be better off if we spent more time at the range practicing than trying to find the best caliber for self-defense. Capacity: 5+1 ; Barrel: 16.25 in., button rifled w/recessed crown Good choices and I agree, glad you stood up for the .280 Remington, like you 7mm – 08 comment. This latter position has more recently been adapted to "Scout rifles." The best deer hunting calibers should have the following: These qualities make the caliber ideal for deer hunting. It was first introduced in 1906 in the US. It is considered the best caliber for the deer hunting. In a custom pistol To date. As cartridges for woods rifles, these are the pick of the litter. Inexpensive open sights are also very time consuming and expensive to zero-in because most lack accurate, repeatable adjustments. It range suitability is 310 yards, mid-range. However, the reloader with a .338 Federal rifle can easily duplicate .338x57 O'Connor ballistics. While the Model 94 is certainly no sniper rifle, it makes a great little brush gun. Its muzzle velocity is 2700 fps, and its muzzle energy is 2719 ft. lbs. The 6.5 calibers are gaining in popularity and would be my absolute smallest caliber to use. O'Connor theorized that such a cartridge (I call it the .338x57 O'Connor) should be able to drive its bullet through the brush pretty well, open up fast, and would have a lot of shocking power. That is what I do with mine and the results have been very satisfactory. First time reader Will, I enjoyed your article. All of these throw hunting weight bullets of the required SD and have a maximum point blank range (MPBR) of 200 yards or more. So, it is ideal for mid-range shooting. we /illinois whitetail hunters / in the northern zones/ rely on slugs used in smooth / and rifled barreled shotguns ….. typical shots are taken at 35/50 yards/ with deadly results….. 1 st yr. hunting 1963 in the upper peninsula of michigan….using a 30/30….next year began illinois using 12 ga. 54 yrs later/ still lovin deer hunts…thank you for your time..??? Another advantage of scopes is that they allow the shooter a clear view of what he is about to shoot. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. 4.6 out of 5 stars 40. So, the cartridge could be considered the sum of the caliber and the overall shape perhaps? Standard open sights are actually the slowest of all common sights to align, and they obscure most of the lower half of the target. Benelli R1 ($1,000) The Benelli R1 ($1,000) is an incredibly crafted big game rifle. I use a 357 henry rifle, 158gr have gotten deer for last 3 years no problem, 100 yards and in. The bolt action's forte is its ability to handle extremely high pressure cartridges and a perhaps a slight advantage in potential accuracy; neither of which is important in a woods rifle. All the mentioned calibers are just perfect to use for deer hunting and will help you get the most amazing hunting experience along with all the other deer hunting gear you need.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-box-4','ezslot_3',113,'0','0'])); They all have a great muzzle speed, muzzle energy, and ideal range.