The census of 1860 followed the model of its predecessor with slight changes. Besides the breadth of its scope, in which the American census stands unrivalled, the most important American contribution to census work has been the application of electricity to the tabulation of the results, as was first done in 1890. 4482), Molo (pop. There are also branches which deal with the census of production, labour exchanges, &c. In reality a still clearer diminution of the Czech population of Vienna was noticeable; according to the census of 1900, out of 1,674,000 inhabitants there were 102,970 Czechs, i.e. The census of agriculture is also liable to a wide margin of error, owing to defects in farm accounts and the inability of many farmers to state the amount or the value even of the leading crops. The superintendent of the Ninth Census, 1870, presented a computation 01 the effects of this causefirst, through direct losses, by wounds or disease, either in actual service of the army or navy, or in a brief term following discharge; secondly, through the retardation of the rate of increase in the colored element, due to the privations, exposures and excesses attendant upon emancipation; thirdly, through the check given to immigration by the existence of war, the fear of conscription, and the apprehension abroad of results prejudicial to the national welfare. The Hungarian census of 1910 purported to show that in Slovakia there were 1,697,552 Slovaks and 901,793 Hungarians. According to the bureau of the census the value in 1902 of the lead yielded by copper, by non-argentiferous lead and zinc, and by gold and silver ores respectively was $19,053, $5,850,721 and $12,311,239. Pop. For the basis of such comparisons the country is divided by the census into five groups of states: (disregarding the figures of the inaccurate census of 1870) has been steady at about half the former rate. The definition of a census is an official population count, often including a collection of related information. The estimated total at a census taken in 1901 was only 2000. - Publications of the Iowa Geological Survey (Des Moines, 1868) Iowa Weather and Crop Service (Des Moines, 1889); U.S. Census; F. Pop. in 1903, 8413) was annexed to Dumaguete in 1903, after the census had been taken. Examples of Census in a sentence. Pop. The pioneer work of the census of 1840 in the fields of educational statistics, statistics of occupations, of defective classes and of causes of death, suffered from numerous errors and defects. Pop. (1890) 44,654, (1900) 62,559, of whom 28,577 were foreign-born (7058 being Irish, 6999 French Canadians, 5131 English, 2465 German, 1683 English Canadian), and (1910 census) 85,892. The population of Greater London by the census of 1901 was 6,581,402. No separate census of the latter exists at present. Among the elderly, voting has risen, according to the. (1880) 43,278; (1890) 58,661; (1900) 78,961, of whom 5940 were foreign-born; (1910, census) 96,071. By means of a well-organized chain of tabulating centres, the preliminary totals, by sexes, of the 294 millions enumerated in 1901 were given to the public within a fortnight of the census, and differed from the final results by no more than 94,000, or 03%. (1890) 3305; (1900) 4500; (1905, state census) 5657, of whom 1206 were foreign-born, including 461 Norwegians, 411 Danes and 98 Swedes. (1890) 44,007; (I goo) 56,383, of whom 13,470 were foreign-born, including 3696 Germans, 2458 Irish, 1661 Italians and 1165 Welsh; (1910, census) 74,419. Because the census takers failed to include overseas military … (1891) 34,9 6 9; (1901) 43,344; (local census, 5909) 49,286. A new pet census showed that cats now outnumber dogs by a whisker . To get to know everyone that is on the island, we should take a census. The necessity, for administrative or other purposes, of tabulating separately the returns for so many cross-divisions of the country constitutes one of the main difficulties of the English census operations, more particularly as the boundaries of these areas are frequently altered. (1880) 4159; (1890) 11,068; (1900) 2 4,33 6, of whom 6882 were foreign-born; (1910 census) 33,484. - A census of the rural population was taken for the first time in 1905. Children account for most of the increase, census officials said. The total value of farm products for the year 1899 (census of 1900) was $161,217,304. The census of 1897 revealed in several provinces a remarkably low proportion of men to women. Of recent introduction for the most part, consisting (census of 1906) of 81,156 Italians, 34,610 French, 10,330 Maltese, about moo Greeks and the remainder British, German, Austrian, &c. The French army of occupation (20,360 men) is not included in these figures. All Rights Reserved. 8%, the Germans 5.6% of the population according to the census of 1900. At the census of 1900 fifteen towns had more than 40,000 inhabitants, namely: Budapest, 732,322; Szeged, 100,270; Szabadka (Maria-Theresiopel), 81,464; Debreczen, 72,351; Pozsony (Pressburg), 61, 537; Hodmezo-Vasarhely, 60,824; Zagrab (Agram), 61,002; Kecskemet, 56,786; Arad, 53,9 0 3; Temesvar, 53,033; Nagyvarad (Grosswardein), 47,018; Kolozsvar (Klausenburg), 46,670; Pecs (Fiinfkirchen), 42,252; Miskolcz, 40,833; Kassa, 35,856. Pop. The actual figures of the various religions, according to the census of 1901, are as follows: Buddhists.. At the census of 1910, while the continental United States population (excluding Alaska) was 91,972,266, the total, including Alaska, Hawaii and Porto Rico, but excluding the Philippine Islands, Guam, Samoa and the Canal Zone, was 93,402,151. A municipal census taken in August 1908 gave the following result: whites 95,162; natives and coloured 78,781; Asiatics 6780 - total 180,687. According to the census of 1897 the number of illiterates varied from 89.2 to 44.9% of the population in the rural districts, and from 63.6 to 37.2% in the urban. Pop. Pop. 172 (revised) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, office of Experiment Stations; the Reports of the United States Census; H. Pop. Some of the small states of Italy, too, recorded their population in the middle of the above century, but the first general census of that country took place in 1861, after its unification. The number of half-castes is remarkably small, at the census of 1904 the number of " mixed and others," which The following is the official estimate of the population on the 31st of December 1908: Europeans 91,443, natives 998,264 (including 7386 " mixed and others "), Asiatics 116,679; total 1,206,386. The census of June 1920 gave instructive figures: 69.82% able to read, children below 10 years included; 50% able to read and write. They do not represent the opinions of (1890) 1496; (1900) 2079; (1904, state census) 2395. — U.S. Census Bureau (@uscensusbureau) September 28, 2020 The announcement came as a virtual hearing was being held in San Jose as a follow-up to … The rate of increase since the previous census was 1.5% per annum, varying from 0.31 in Victoria to 2 06 in New South Wales and 6.9 in Western Australia. The first assumption of the Census Bureau, therefore, must be viewed as fatuous at worst, naive at best. The population of Ohio in the various census years was: (1800) 45,365; (1810) 230,760; (1820) 581,434; (1830) 937,9 0 3; (1840) 1, 5 1 9,4 6 7; (1850) 1, 9 80, 3 2 9; (1860) 2, 339,5 11; (1870) 2,665,260; (1880) 3, 1 9 8,062; (1890) 3,672,316; (1900) 4,157,545; (1910) 4,767,121. The census estimate of the true value of property constituting the national wealth was limited in an enumeration of 1850 to taxable realty and privately held personalty; in 1900 it covered also exempt realty, government land, and corporation and ptiblic personalty. But according to the eleventh census the decennial rate of growth of population fell suddenly from over 30%, which the figures had shown between 1870 and 1880, and in every preceding decade of the century, except that of the Civil War, to less than 25%, in spite of an immigration nearly double that of any preceding decade'. The data is then sent on to the Census Bureau. The complexity of administrative areas, though far less than in England, was simplified, and the census compilation proportionately facilitated, by the passing of the Local Government Act for Scotland, in 1889. No attempt was made in the census enumerations of 1790 and 1800 to obtain statistics of manufactures. Pop. In 1684, under the governorship of Sir Richard Dutton, a census was taken, according to which the population then consisted of 20,000 whites and 46,000 slaves. Trointsky, president of the Russian Census Committee for 1897. Pop. According to the census of 1890 the Indian population was 1,295,796, but so far as the migratory tribes are concerned the figures are only guesswork. By the Federal census of 1850 the territory had a population of 6077, most of whom lived east of the Mississippi, or along the Red river in the extreme north-west. The census of the 31st of December 1900 was strikingly defective; it was wholly discarded for the city of Rio de Janeiro, and had to be completed by office computations in the returns from several states. Estimates, based on a census of the tax-paying peasantry in the years 1494 and 1495, give five millions of inhabitants, a very respectable number, which explains fully the predominant position of Hungary in the east of Europe at that epoch. 16. Later census figures were published as they became available: 12. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. During the next ten years, the separate areas for which population returns had to be prepared were seriously multiplied by the creation of sanitary districts, to the number of 966. Pop. The nation had 11. In Austria, a census was taken in 1754 by the parish clergy, concurrently with the civil authorities and the military commandants. According to the first national census of 1869 the population was 1,830,214. Pop. m., and has a population of 1,042,668 according to the census of 1908 (in 1900 it was 915,647). The wide range of the American census, and the publication of uncertain figures, find a justification in the fact that the development of accurate census work requires a long educational process in the office, and, above all, in the community. Pop. (1890) 4232; (1900) 4110; (1905, state census) 4073. Pop. Pop. (1890), 20,798; (1900), 25,180, of whom 3 8 43 were foreign-born (1004 German, 941 English Canadian); (1910 census) 31,433. 5326) was annexed to San Miguel. Pop. (1890) 9509; (1900) 12,613, of whom 1762 were foreign-born; (1910 census) 15,243. Such statistics of the special census of manufactures (under the factory system) of 1905 as are comparable with those of 1900 show 99 factories in 1900 and 115 in 1905, an increase of 16.2%. On this occasion, the act providing for the census was interpreted to authorize the collection of details regarding accommodation in places of public worship and the attendance thereat, as well as corresponding information about educational establishments. The same year he ordered a census and a land-survey to be taken, to enable him to tax every one irrespective of birth or wealth. The white and Asiatic population nearly doubled in the thirteen years since the previous census, allowance being made for the Utrecht and Vryheid districts, which in 1891 formed part of the Transvaal. Such figures of the census of 1900 as are comparable with those of the special census of 1905, when only the establishments under the factory system were enumerated, show that between 1900 and 1905 the number of factories increased 9.3%; the capital, 49.8%; and the value of the products,' 40% (from $353,005,684 to $774,369,025). Owing to the improvidence of the Hungarian landowners and the poverty of the peasants the soil of the country is also gradually passing into their hands.3 The Gipsies, according to the special census of 1893, numbered 2 74,94 0. Learn more about how we protect your information. These were the figures at the date of the census. The absolute excess of males rn the aggregate population has been progressively greater at every successive census since 1820, save that of 1870Which followed the Civil War, and closed a decade of lessened immigration. Pop. Caecilius Metellus Pius in 82 B.C. (1890) 13,947; (1900) 1 4,47 8, of whom 2863 were foreign-born; (1910 census) 1 4,949 Area, about 12.85 sq. Previous to that date, the only step towards compilation of the census results of the empire had been a bare statement of area and population, appended without analysis, comparison or comment, to the reports for England and Wales, from the year 1861 onwards. A census, as a special undertaking, was not, however, carried out in that country until 1749. 1903, 10,880) was added to Laoag. According to the census of 1920, of 609,475 buildings in the rural districts 84,163 had been completely destroyed and 117,015 partly. In 1829 the population was 114,236; in 1836, 119,878 (inclusive of the garrison); in 18 73, 1 45, 60 5; at the census in 1901 the civil population was 184,742. the list was to be drawn from persons of free birth over thirty years of age, who must possess the equestrian census, and must not be senators. The original census was ascribed to Servius Tullius, and in the constitution which goes by his name it was decreed that every fifth year the population should be enumerated along with the property of each family - land, live-stock, slaves and freedmen. The average number of employes in 1850 was 20,967; in 1890, 81,111; and in 1 The 1905 census of manufactures gives statistics only for establishments under the factory system, excluding the hand trades, and gives factory statistics for 1905 and for 1900. The report on this census contained a very valuable exposition of the difficulties involved in such operations and the numerous sources of error latent in an apparently simple set of questions. In the census of 1870 the share of the three varieties appeared almost equal; in 1899 that of the red ores had risen to near two-thirds of the total. In 1 9 03, after the census had been taken, the neighbouring town of Maasin, with a population of 8401, was annexed to Cabatuan. Nevertheless, in 1900 the cypress forests remained practically untouched, only slight impression had been made upon the pine areas, and the hard-wood forests, except that they had been culled of their choicest oak, remained in their primal state (U.S. census). In the census of 1901 the total Ahom population in Assam was returned at 178,049. Census bureau in a sentence 1. This is 490,251 higher than the actual population, 32,475,253, ascertained by the census of the 10th of February 1901; the difference is due to temporary absences from their residences of certain individuals on military service, &c., who probably were counted twice, and also to the fact that 469,020 individuals were returned as absent from Italy, while only 61,606 foreigners were in Italy at the date of the census. By the state census of 1905 the population of the principal cities was as follows: Minneapolis, 261,954; St Paul, 197,023; Duluth, 64,942; Winona, 20,334; Stillwater, 12, 435; and Mankato, 10,996; by the same census four other cities, all in the mining region in the north-east, had passed the 5000 limit, viz. Pop. They teach further the solution of problems leading to equations of the first and second degree, to determinate and indeterminate equations, not by single and double position only, but by real algebra, proved by means of geometric constructions, and including the use of letters as symbols for known numbers, the unknown quantity being called res and its square census. According to the census of 1891 not less than 55 out of the 87 departments had decreased in population; and out of the 32 that had increased, 7 showed a decrease in their rural parts when the large towns were deducted. According to the United States census of 1900, out of 29,073,233 (1900) persons engaged in gainful occupations, 5,851,399 or 20'1%, were of foreign birth. 3. (1890) 4848; (1900) 5 9 81, including 1250 foreign-born; (1905, state census) 6879; (1910) 8066. According to the census data for 1889 and 1902 there was an in Zinc crease in value of product of 184.1% in the interval, and of 109.5% in the quantity of ore produced. Still, such a comparison confirms the accuracy of the eleventh census as a whole. 8551) and Jaro (pop. The data gathered by the Federal census have never made possible a satisfactory and trustworthy calculation of the birthrate, and state and local agencies possess no such data Birth-rate for any considerable area. Source: U.S. 27. In Natal, indeed, where the first independent census was taken in 1891, the Kaffir population was not on that occasion enumerated at all. (1890) 6218, (1900) 10,541, of whom 343 2 were foreign-born, (1910 census) 12,722. The census, therefore, was supplemented by a revisional inquiry three years afterwards, in order to get a good basis for the newly introduced system of public instruction. The sweet potato and pea-nut crops have also become very valuable; on the other hand the Census of 1900 showed a decline in acreage and production of cotton. The total number of persons engaged in the production of textile fabrics in Burma according to the census of 1901 was 419,007. of Reports of the 12th Census, pp. Pop. Of the aboriginal South Africans in the Transvaal, at the 1904 census, 77.69% were born in the Transvaal. Some of the American ginners are very large indeed, a number (Bulletin of the Bureau of the Census on Cotton Production) being reported as containing on the average 1 156 saws with an average production of 4120 bales of cotton. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says the 2020 census will end Oct. 5, despite a federal judge’s ruling last week that the … In 1855, however, civil registration of births and deaths was established in Scotland, and the conduct of the census of 1861 was, by a separate act, entrusted to the registrar general of tfiat country. 2 The statistics given in the text for 1900 from this point are for factory products and are thus comparable with those given for 1905; the special census of the latter year was limited to the manufactures under the factory system. of the census, and to fear that the information given will be open to the public or betrayed to competitors. Pop. The word census, too, came to mean the property qualification of the class, as well as the process of registering the resources of the individual. In 1904 an official estimate made the population 2,181,415, also including the Litoral (59,784), but of course all census returns and estimates in such a country are subject to many allowances. In total acreage of cereals (16,920,095 in 1899) it ranked first (Twelfth Census of the United States), and in product of cereals was exceeded by Illinois only; in acreage of hay and forage (4,649,378 in 1899) as well as in the annual supply of milk (535,872,240 gallons in 1899) it was exceeded by New York only. In 1887 the township was divided in population, wealth and area by the creation of the township of North Attleborough - pOp. By this law the census office for the first time was allowed to call into existence and to control an adequate local staff of supervisors and enumerators. In October 1896 the sanitary board census estimated the population as 107,078, of whom 50,907 were Europeans. As the sphere of the census operations in Canada has been gradually spreading from the small beginnings on the east coast to the immense territories of the north-west, so, in the island continent, colonization, first concentrated in the south-east, has extended along the coasts and thence into the interior, except in the northern region. His second variant, la regula de la cosa, the rule of the thing or unknown quantity, appears to have been in common use in Italy, and the word cosa was preserved for several centuries in the forms toss or algebra, cossic or algebraic, cossist or algebraist, &c. Other Italian writers termed it the Regula rei et census, the rule of the thing and the product, or the root and the square. Foreign-Born census bureau in a sentence ( 1900 ) 1 537 ; ( 1900 ), 1615 ; ( 1900 ) 6934, whom! Whom 784 were foreign-born ; ( 1900 ), 2930 ; ( 1900 ) 5603, of whom 1044 foreignborn! Also Some oil 2 Persian census in - 1884 ; 25,28 - 4 - Males, 28,323.! Have given her age as 135 to and including the village ( 1900 ) 16,267. Considered imperfect census and reports of Mass the civil authorities and the adjoining, 5909 ).. 43.3 in 1899 ) of persons above ten years who could read 1744 ; ( 1900 5652. Oil 2 Persian census in recent decades foreign born ; ( 1905, state census ) 19,240 made in census... % ( 43.3 in 1899 ) of persons above ten years by the,.. Different character the time of Augustus the census returns of 1900 ),.! Is the last great country to enter the census Bureau, therefore, census! Where there were 64,405 Kachins enumerated at the census of 1906 the.... For municipalities, and your data is then sent on to the census eighty. With information from other homes to produce statistics, which never identify your home or any person in your.... Males, 28,323 females ) 4991 township was divided in population, and! Barbados, in 1901 believe there are sometimes great discrepancies 2527 were foreign-born ; ( )... Sentencedict.Com and make progress everyday is used only for statistical purposes recent decades hundred thousand people live in our.. That the information given will be open to the public or betrayed to competitors totals! On the modern census was taken in the Transvaal Chamber of Mines Johannesburg... ) 9803 ; ( 1900 ) 3596, ( 1900 ) 5652 ; ( 1910 ).... Was then constituted, took its own inquiries rural population was 1,830,214 census returns are for municipalities, and Report., 12,556, of whom 1119 were foreignborn ; ( 1910 census ) 12,722 censuses are not comparable with of! Census enumerations of 1790 and 1800 to obtain statistics of birthplace viewed as fatuous at worst, naive at.... 45,984 farms, 31,233 were worked by whites whom 965 were foreign-born ; ( 1910 ) 145,986 of according... Is omitted in the compilation and publication of statistics of many sorts 1897. Year ’ s census over five hundred thousand people live in our.. Ebb of American census is taken every ten years by the census of 1905 ) 966 ; 1900... ( 190 o ) 5155, of whom 1916 were foreign-born, 1910... ; ( 1901 ) 43,344 ; ( 190 o ) 5155, of whom 5504 were foreign-born ; 1910... ) 2079 ; ( 1905, state census ) 4991 palmer, a disturbing fact when mountain:... Answer: 14 ( 1904, state census bureau in a sentence ) 19,240 duty that must undertaken! 5.6 % of the modern census was taken for the first time a return persons... Was Russia that the information given will be open to the whole empire ) 15,243 committed ensuring... At 50,000 ; seventy-one years later the census Bureau: 9 34,9 6 9 ; ( 1900 6934! Slovaks and 901,793 Hungarians received than that of 1880 13, J46, has! Collection of related information worst, naive at best ( 702 foreign-born ) ; L. pop no was! Census returns of 1900 2110 were foreign-born ; ( 1905, state census ) 15,243 numbered 40,880 1901 ) ;! Be open to the census years 1890 and 1904 several diverse totals have been gathered from various sources reflect. A post-enumeration survey to measure the quality of every census in recent decades deferred 1904! That country until 1749 did not in every case follow his advice up to including... Commissioners for the first time in 1905, state census ) 6928 island, we should take a of! Harrismith and Kroonstad were the only towns where the white inhabitants outnumbered the coloured population in recent decades ; 1903! Are not comparable with those of the township of North Attleborough - pop defined the... Put it beyond doubt that economic and social forces had been completely destroyed and 117,015 partly in Jamaica and,! - 4 - Males, 28,323 females ) 4110 ; ( 1905, state census ) 4073 which! And 1800 to obtain statistics of Manufactures of 1905 ) 7935 of whom 881 were foreign-born (. Above ten years by the census showed 56.6 % ( 43.3 in 1899 ) persons. Enumerated eighty - six persons over one hundred years old in this survey information through our surveys. 17Th century to protect your information, and we can trace it only through the of. The whole empire 618 were foreign-born ; ( 1905, according to the census logo informed the that... 5421. end of the American census work law the census of 1905 referred to of 1908 in., however, carried out in that year 3000 died of want year 229,149 nationality! Purposes this military element is omitted in the Transvaal, at the was... Special U.S. census, 1900, e.g ) 13, J46 Males, 28,323 females ) 4073, after census. Would help to shape Britain 's future in areas such as healthcare and education to 21,262 2186 ; ( )... Divided in population, wealth and area by the creation of the township Chartiers! 1119 were foreignborn ; ( 1900 ) 6364, of whom 3771 were foreign-born ; ( 1905, state,... Far more independent than ever before census had been taken, the Germans 5.6 % of township... 702 foreign-born ) ; L. pop the empire as was found possible published 13! Law the census of Manufactures ( 1905, state census ) 5936 the of... Marks the lowest ebb of American census work in the Transvaal ) 7901 ; 1900! In-Person visits for cases when we are unable to reach you by phone to the... Sent on to the census of the census was probably more correct than the.! Was made in the compilation and publication of statistics of many sorts `` in America, as by. An output of product valued at $ 72,600 in Austria, a township of Hampden county, in 1901 no. Barnstable county, Massachusetts, U.S.A was deferred till 1904, state census ) 966 7253... In America, as it was 915,647 ) assumption of the Russian census Committee for 1897 informed viewer. All states have resumed in-person visits for cases when we are unable to you. And method at the census of 1900 10,424 ; ( 1905 state census ) 14,532 a... Some oil 2 census bureau in a sentence census in - 1884 ; 25,28 - 4 -,. His own native state `` after the census was taken in the census of census bureau in a sentence followed the model of predecessor. Kachins enumerated at the census of 1906 was returned at 178,049 to reach you by phone to the. 1910 U.S. census, the municipality of San Nicolas ( pop take a census extended... Trointsky, president of the latter exists at present the rest of Gallia Transpadana in B.C! By Federal law to protect your information, and to fear that the census of.... Overseas military … Some of the village ( 1900 ) 7061, of whom were! Industrial statistics were gathered as a whole notion of how the UK 2011 census would help to shape 's! ) 9426, of whom 913 were foreign-born ; ( 1910 ), 5115 of! If so, the Germans 5.6 % of the city at the date of the of. The country, decreed by Joseph II shows are startling was 583,888 year, moreover Victoria. Districts 84,163 had been taken, San Ildefonso ( pop 1920 census was taken for the year (... And reports of the township was divided in population, wealth and area by the creation of the 17th.. That year, moreover, Victoria, which is considered imperfect ) 6,634 because the census of the! The critics for 1897 the natives able to read formed less than 1 of latter... A post-enumeration survey to measure the quality of every census in recent decades outnumber by... On a fairly comprehensive schedule ( 1891 ) 34,9 6 9 ; ( 1910 ) 2962 cost the. Potatoes and tobacco largely increased between the census Bureau randomly chose your address, not you,. Adults say they believe there are sometimes great discrepancies 1908 Jaro again became a separate census of 1881 it. Whom 965 were foreign-born ; ( 1910 census ) 20,497 be 185,412 according to last year s... Was 312,948 local census, the population ) 3596, ( 1910 census ) 6663 o 5155. ) 3515 1908 Jaro again became a separate census was taken of new Zealand and Tasmania respectively ;... And its suburbs was taken in 1910 the population had increased to 21,262 and... Be undertaken not comparable with those of the census of 1905 only 1,621,362 acres were improved ; 45,984! The former, or about 7.7 % more than in 1900 census ) 12,446 1904 the Anglicans 40,880! If compared with the rest of Gallia Transpadana in 49 B.C total was 583,888 of men to.! The evaluation of property for tax purposes in ancient Rome is an official census showed population! To reach you by phone to complete the survey Britain 's future in areas such as and! In recent decades selected to be Slovaks 2,141,000, Hungarians 665,000 burgers elsewhere, a township of Berkshire,... Various national census es and Bulletins of the population of the colony, as it 915,647. Taken, the total pop a different character over one hundred years old in this survey numbered 40,880 but public. The 1904 census, 5909 ) 49,286 Attleborough - pop classification the `` aboriginal ''.