One of the most ethnically, linguistically and geographically diverse countries in the world, Colombia has an incredibly rich cultural heritage. And I won’t lie – there’s a ton of cocaine in Colombia. When the Spanish came to conquer South America, their foreign European diseases killed most native people, even before any war. Due to its long history as a Spanish colony, Colombia is ethnically diverse, with the largest group consisting of mestizos, who are an ethnic blend of indigenous and Spanish heritage. Colombia is considered to be a hierarchical societyand people earn respect due to their position and their age. Apparently, infidelity is more tolerated in Colombia than in other places. Colombia is the home country for many famous people such as Shakira and the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 58. Without Futbol, its iconic yellow jerseys, its heartthrob, James Rodriguez, or without its unique goal dance, Colombian people couldn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep. Colombia is a large country primarily situated in the north of South America, which some territories extending into Central America. 32. Colombia. While the Pereira stereotypes may not hold true, the tales of donkey sex on the coast are accurate. Drugs are prominent and narcos can be found all over the country. Dance, music, art and culture make Colombia unique. It acts as a source of support and advice and therefore great loyalty is shown to families. Nice girls putting up with my retard Spanish for a quick photo. The game consists of trying to throw a metal disk at a sack filled with gunpowder while being dead drunk. Compassion-assisted children experience these realities daily. The eight-month war, known as the Leticia War, started due to a dispute in the sugar trade. It is also a country where 30% of the people live in poverty with food insecurity and insufficient education. The details in the many churchesin the country reflect the Mediev… Just check out this Vice documentary: Many a Colombian likes to hate on the capital, Bogota. There are over 300 beaches that locals and tourists can take advantage of to see all of the natural beauty this country has to offer. 7. If you’re in the country, you absolutely must try some coffee from Juan Valdez. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Bogota is somewhat “Americanized” and has amazing nightlife. […] So here it is. You’ll find friendly, hardworking people and some of the best nature in the whole world. 20. While I’m by no means an expert on Colombian culture, I have picked up on a few things during my time in the country. Colombia’s jungles located in the east take up over 50% of the country’s total area, yet houses just 3% of its total population. The older you grow, the more powerful your voice becomes. The caffeine-drenched country loves to dance. Colombia is known for its significant natural resources, modern cities, and a diverse culture. 23. 1. 28. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with them at all – if you stay away from the underbelly of Colombia. Colombians really, really love holidays. 11. During his heyday, he collected revenue to the tune of $420 million, weekly. It loves its holidays, organizing salsa parades, flower parades, carnivals and more. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. This is especially true in places like Medellin, Cartagena, and Santa Marta. Don’t take my word for it. The theme of most children’s games, El Dorado, is actually a mythical city in ancient Colombia. When you bring up learning Spanish and the Costeno accent, many a Colombian will claim they can’t understand Costenos, either. Colombia is one of only 17 “mega-diverse” countries in the world. Colombia is a huge country of around 50 million people, so it can be hard to generalize. There is evidence of Castilian and Moorish architecture in many of the cities in the region. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. But don’t think they care too much about foreigners. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It is still comm… The Spanish conquest of present-day Colombia would see the founding of Bogotá (over the Muisca city of Bagatá), Cali and other cities. Many have stunning jet black hair, pretty faces, and look pretty solid in a swimsuit. It’s absolutely fantastic. The most popular sport is football; 99% of the population speak Spanish; The country is named after Christopher Columbus, also known as Cristobal Colon; It’s normal for children to drink coffee with milk; The Andean Condor is the national animal of Colombia Colombian women are very edgy about their curves. Get $40 off your first Airbnb rental by clicking here! 2. Colombia is known worldwide for cocaine. Got damn! 6. In fact more than 75 indigenous languages are used in Colombia. It’s a small part of Colombian culture. This river’s bed changes color between yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, beginning the end of July and through November. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. There’s a lot of variety here. The social security system was developed in 1843 and only applied to military personnel. 39. Its capital, Bogotá, is the most populated city in the country, with almost 8 million people living there. Colombia is one of the most-populous countries in Latin America. Learning the basic steps will make partying in Colombia more fun. Popular music is probably the country's best known export (with musicians like Shakira, Carlos Vives, and Juanes). The coast of Colombia is one of the more unique places I’ve ever visited. 38. Colombian Culture. 48. In fact, I found all the people, both male and female, to be exceptionally friendly and down-to-earth throughout the coffee region, including Pereira. […]. 50. Colombia is the third largest exporter of coffee in the world after Brazil and Vietnam. Tourism was fairly stifled here for many years, and only recently has taken off. In the early 2000s the government pass legislation encouraging the development of the country's film industry. Outside of Bogota, you won’t want to roll around with just a foreign friend. The official language of Colombia is Spanish. If you can speak Spanish, you separate yourself from the packs of tourist. In case you are wondering who could top that, it’s India (21). Music is a very important part of Colombian culture, with Cumbia and Vallenato enjoyed country-wide. Here, for an unknown, weird reason, people put blocks of salty cheese into their coffee when they are finished drinking it, and eat the mushy blobs of coffee soaked cheese. 4. Colombia is a Spanish speaking country, but various Amerindian, Creole and Romani languages are spoken as well. There are two major organizations in Colombia these days. The country is filled with stunning nature, amazing tourism, and great people. It has a variety of environments to explore, ranging from the snow-covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to desert zones in La Guajira. It is made from sugarcane and is the best drink to enjoy the Colombian sun. Our first of many episodes looks at some amazing facts about the people, size, and culture of Colombia. While Colombia had it’s string of tough times during the narco years, the country remained proud. Juan Valdez is the Starbucks of Colombia – except it’s way better. The nation has the most species of butterflies, orchid species and has about 7,000 species of beetles. In larger cities, men wear suits and ties. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While I’ve still found a number of loyal, trustworthy people here who are disgusted by infidelity – there’s no denying infidelity plays a small role in Colombian culture. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Facts & statistics . A Nobel Laureate and a best friend of revolutionist Fidel Castro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, was from Colombia. Spain discovered a mountain, Cerro Rico, filled with silver….precious silver. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The country has more than 150 mines churning out high-quality emeralds. While it’s funny, there’s some truth to it. Being away from his girlfriend was better, as he was able to have other girlfriends on the side. Culture Many aspects of Colombian culture are traced back to the culture of Spain of the sixteenth century and the clash with indigenous cultures of Colombia. ... Local Culture . Although they shipped 840,000 tonnes of it to other countries in 2015. Like many a Colombian dude, my barber was telling me about the stunning women in Medellin. Spain, which looted them in the first place, has demanded the money back in an international dispute. 26. Shakira is famously from this Latin American country, as is Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a famous figure in Colombian literature. “You guys are faithful, right?” I looked at him with a perplexed look – no idea what he was talking about. The traditional national sport of Colombia is called Tejo. 11 Interesting Facts About Colombia . He just laughed, “My girlfriend is from Medellin. No matter where you go in Colombia, you’ll quickly notice how friendly and helpful many of the people are. And they should be. The family takes centre stage in the social structure. Do you have any questions, feedback, or other facts about Colombia we should include on our list? It is considered... More. Coffee is not native to Colombia. Archeologists estimate that humans settled in Colombia some 20,000 years ago. Moral of the story: Always book your return flight…eh..ship. It still broke down into the Nueva Granada and then into United States of Colombia. Yes, Colombians love to drink down the Avena, which is literally oatmeal juice. Many a Colombian drinks coffee all day, every day. The funny irony is; they dug so much silver that for their generation, silver became worth nothing….literally. If you’ve noticed anything else about Colombian culture while in the country, feel free to sound off in the comments. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are common in Colombia. If you plan to spend some time here, then make an effort to learn some Spanish. Colombian has more public holidays than any other country in the world. The golden rule of Colombia: If you hear music, start moving. © 2020 TheFactFile.Org. Big on beaches, rumba, and rum. As a result, Colombia is a very diverse country when it comes to race. Mind your pronunciation because Colombians have a very fine ear for details. 59. The condor signifies liberty as well as sovereignty, the yellow symbolizes the natural riches of the country while the red symbolizes the bloodshed in the war for independence. 13. Colombia is drenched in Spanish influence. Colombia is comprised of many regional cultures.Many of the indigenous groups of Colombia have embraced the Spanish cultural influences. The culture of the Caribbean coast is way different than that in Bogota or in the coffee region. Beer is so common in this game, it’s almost a rule. If she’s that impressed by your passport, she probably has ulterior motives. In the States, you’ll often find guys and girls going out with a friend or two and mingling at the bar. Maybe they were all broke. Age is an important factor in Colombia. 2. Long-distance relationships are never fun, but then a shit-eating grin came across his face. Fact 7: In 1975, Colombian women were given the right to vote. Then I realized he was talking about relationships and infidelity. The red and yellow colors of the Colombian flag were adapted from the Spanish flag and the stripe of blue symbolizes the ocean that separates the country of Colombia from Spain. She said five. Peso (COP) is the currency of Colombia. Each of the main areas or cities in Colombia is completely different. That’s too much. Nomadic Hustle is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to are also a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. “We aren’t!” He laughed. Colombia hosts the world’s largest theater festival, the Iberoamericana. It’s kind of a running joke throughout the country. Cali is known for salsa dancing. 51. Family: Family unity and support is highly valued in Colombia. Its capital and largest city is Bogotá, D.C. Spanish is the official language of Colombia. It lies above the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region where volcanoes and earthquakes are as natural as birds and bees. While reggaeton reigns supreme in Medellin, Salsa is still king throughout every region in Colombia. Colombia practices a free-market economy that has greatly benefited the country due to foreign investment and foreign trade. 8. And when they dance, it’s often salsa. One of the most interesting facts about Colombia is that it was the happiest country in the world according to the 2013 and the 2014 Barometer of Happiness and Hope. Since declaring independence on 20 July 1810 and achieving it in 1819, Colombia has changed its name seven times. While infidelity isn’t as common in Colombia as some claim, it’s definitely a part of the culture. Too much nationalism for a country its size! I once asked a friend how many “tintos” she drank each day. Women wear... More. Although extended families rarely live under one roof, apart from in rural areas, many still live very close and frequent one another's houses often. Colombia, officially known as the Republic of Colombia, is the second most diverse country in the world, distinguished for its natural resources, modern cityscapes, and diverse culture.The world’s leading source of emeralds, Colombia is more than salsa, coffee, and beautiful women. After years of Spanish colonial rule, enforcing slavery and heavy taxes, Colombia won independence in 1819 with the help of revolutionary leader Simón Bolívar. Colombia hosts the Cartagena Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Latin America. 1. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a mecca for street artists. While Colombia has a lot more to offer than cocaine, there’s no doubt narco culture is still alive and well to this day. With the second largest Spanish-speaking population, Colombia is also nicknamed “gateway to South America”. Now, let’s talk a little bit about fun facts about Colombia and its people (bear these facts in mind to avoid culture shock). It’s ColOmbia, and not ColUmbia. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. 19. Plus, they’re just a friendly and happy people overall. However, the company’s first store was inaugurated in Colombia in the capital city of Bogotá in 2014. Colombia started off as the Viceroyalty of New Granada, but soon broke up to become the Republic of Colombia. The National Police is a branch of the armed forces and was formed in 1891 in order to enforce the federal laws of Columbia. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. These timeless customs include hierbabuena or spearmint teas for aches and pains, and a chamomile concoction when you cannot sleep. But at the Compassion center, there is hope. 46. View Images. Colombia is not only baked by the tropical sun from above but also fried from down below. The architecture of the nation reflectsSpanish colonial origins from the seventeenth century. Colombia is the world’s leading producer of Emeralds. The finest quality emerald, a green gemstone, is found only in Colombia. Well, that’s all our Colombia facts for now, and we hope you’ve found this post interesting and informative! In recent years Colombia (much like South Korea since the 1990s) has undergone major dedicated efforts to export their pop culture around the globe. Colombia is nicknamed the "gateway to South America" because it sits in the northwestern part of the continent where South America connects with Central and North America. Cali is known for salsa dancing. Family members share their good fortune with other members of the... More. Gringos don’t get a full week off at Christmas or Easter. She danced her way into the world of fame and has won many awards and recognized globally as a successful artist. 3. 39. Many a Colombian man will tell you about the women from Pereira. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Colombia is the 2nd most megadiverse country in the world - ranking first in bird species. 5 x Colombia Facts for Kids. There are many friendly people in the city and the nightlife is amazing. The … A Venezuelan by the name of Francisco Miranda designed the national flag in 1806. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Culture See more Each region has infinite spaces in which converge the art, creativity, music and traditions that, for years, have built an imaginary about how the Carnivals, parades and festivals, among other cultural events take place every year in Colombia. Colombia, situated in the north-western corner of South America, is the only South American country with coastlines on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. If you’re interested in safety in Colombia, read this. Drinking coffee in Colombia is a cheesy affair. #1: Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, after only Brazil which is 10 times its size. Colombia loves anything and everything that has something to do with Futbol (soccer). Interesting Facts About Colombia: Nature Because of its geographical situation and its different landscapes, Colombia is a paradise for the fauna and flora. Fact 6: Colombia is the only country in South America that has access to both the Pacific and Caribbean ocean. Colombia is known for its diverse landscape of tropical beaches, dense rainforests and towering mountains. (Source: Colombia Reports , … The Spaniards brought Catholicism, African slaves, economic system and a caste system that pulled.european born whites ahead. “That must suck for you,” I replied in mediocre Spanish. This name was accepted in 1819 by the Republic of Columbia that was created from the Old Victorian territories of Grand Dada (in the modern age Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Northwest Brazil, and Panama). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Colombia is not only baked by the tropical sun from above but also fried from down below. But then luck struck Spain, and Spain struck a mountain. 53. Colombian coffee is absolutely world-class and plays a huge role in the culture here. Colombia is the second most populous country in South America. Full Affiliate and Legal Disclosure – Privacy Policy – Contact. Colombian girls are not ugly. All the hard work did work out, and Spain finally mined out silver, lots and lots of silver. As such, many Colombians want foreigners to have a great impression of their country. I was at the barbershop getting my beard trimmed. Archaeologists believe ceramic art was produced on Colombia’s Caribbean coast earlier than anywhere else in the Americas outside the lower Amazon basin, with relics dating back to 3100 BC. 5. That’s a higher percentage than Spain itself. It has an area of 1,138,910 sq km. Genetic research with over 60,000 blood tests and 25 variables, determined that the average Colombian has an admixture of 65% European, 22% native Amerindian and 13% African ancestry, however these proportions vary widely from one region to … Regional cultural traditions are diverse, with a broad range of distinct groups that have unique customs, accents, social patterns, and cultural adaptations. Bogota is one of the best cities in all of Latin America. Both men and women occasionally get work done. 47. Related Read: 10 Uruguay Facts: Interesting Trivia On Culture, History, Food & More. It’s simply a milk soup with an undercooked egg (Yes, it’s milk soup; you read it right.). There’s nearly 20 public holidays each year and many Colombians get a full week off for Easter and Christmas. In fact, Colombia is so passionate about its sugar that it went to war with Peru over it. While more common than in the United States, plastic surgery isn’t as common here as some believe. In fact, they can be pretty damn sexy. 40. Not lazy, but fun loving: Colombia, with 18 national holidays, came second in the “countries with the most national holidays” list. Five full cups of coffee every single day. So they’ll go out of their way to accommodate you in many situations. These cookies do not store any personal information. Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is the 29th most populous country in the world. Still, Colombia is one of my favorite countries in the world. Colombians from the interior of the country love to make fun of people from the coast, especially how they speak Spanish. Once you really dive in and work to make some Colombian friends, you’ll see a different side to Colombia. The coast of Colombia is one of the more unique places I’ve ever visited. It is important to point out that dark green emeralds are a rare find, but in Colombia, these emeralds occur in the deepest part of the Andean Colombian forest. According to Calenos, Paisas, and the people on the coast – Bogota is cold, the people are rude, and the women are all ugly. 22. 7. They go out to dance. Cities in Colombia: A Gringo's Go-To Guide When Visiting - Nomadic Hustle. 29. If you want to know more about the culture, check this out. 45. 16. In Colombia, that’s not a common ordeal. I countered that I preferred women from other parts of the country. Many aspects of Colombian culture can be traced back to the early culture of Spain of the 16th century and its collision with Colombia's native civilizations (see: Muisca, Tayrona). The government not only tolerates graffiti but also encourages and sponsors street art. The government has made great strides in recent years to secure peace with revolutionaries, minimize crime, and protect its strong democratic institutions and the country boasts at growing economy. That’s more than the monthly salary of all the CEO’s of all the top Fortune 500 companies put together. 43. Dancing is a HUGE part of Colombian culture. The King of Coke, Pablo Escobar, was born and bred in Colombia. Initially, people who went to find the treasures of El Dorado never returned. It’s simply not true. This train is referred to as Metro de Medellin. In comparison, the United States only has 11 holidays each year. Good logic: once you do steal it, it is yours. Though a former colony of Spain, Colombian culture, architecture, food habits, language, and its constitution are all more or less influenced by Spain. Colombian culture dictates that there is a cure for every ailment and visitors will often be offered a traditional ‘ if they suffer any woes. Colombia is even home to many pre-Columbian archaeological sites dating back to before there were European settlements. Almost 60% of the Amazon rainforest lies in Brazil, 13% lies in Peru, and 10% lies in Colombia. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Here are ten fun facts about the country of Colombia to know before you go! The History of Colombia. There is so much to this country. The culture of the Caribbean coast is way different than that in Bogota or in the coffee region. 54. Men get hair transplants, liposuction, and more. Colombian art is often synonymous with Fernando Botero. However, the country is so much more than drugs and pretty women. He is the author of “Love in the Time of Cholera,” which is the most-sold Spanish novel in history. Using free local labor plus hardworking llamas, they mined down the mountain, rock by rock. 42. Tejo is the native and national sport of Colombia. The music is also thumping and pumping in Colombia. Coming to Colombia? 31. 17. Introduction of Country | Colombia Culture & History Facts “Columbia” name is taken from the second word of Christopher Columbus. They are guerrilla organizations known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and the Army of National Liberation. Girls get fake breasts, fake butts, liposuction, and nose jobs. Let’s explore it! Honestly, it’s difficult to understand a culture completely as an outsider, but I’ll do my best here. Colombianas aren’t jumping your bones just because you’re a gringo. Colombia, which is located at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rainforests, towering mountains and coffee plantations. 15. The government of Colombia found a $2 billion Spanish shipwreck under the sea near its coast. Colombians will treat you with more respect and it’ll be much easier to make local friends. 49. Below you’ll find the definitive guide to Colombian cities. That’s on top of their regular vacation time. 34. The Spanish brought Catholicism, the feudal encomienda system, and … While the women may be attractive in Pereira, they certainly aren’t all whores like Colombian dudes would want you to think. The country has more than 150 mines churning out high-quality emeralds. If you can speak a little Spanish, you’ll be rewarded in Colombia. It is a sovereign state largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America. You’ll see 70-year old men dancing some salsa steps along outside the local mini-market on a regular basis. The most popular choice for breakfast in Colombia is Changua. 15. China has the most neighbors – 16 (North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Macau and Hong Kong). 30. 5. The economy of Colombia is mainly dependent on manufacturing and agricultural exports such as bananas, cut flowers, sugar, and coffee. Location independent. 6. While I’m by no means an expert on Colombian culture, these are a few things I noticed while living in this great country. 55. People living in Colombia are called Colombian. Palenquera selling fruits at the market This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 33. Legend has it that a king used to spray himself with gold powder and then jump off from a golden boat into a lake in order to appease an undersea god. Colombia has a vibrant music scene, two of the most well-known Colombian musicians are Shakira and Juanes. It represents more than 10% of all the species of Fauna and Flora on earth. Colombia is a beautiful country. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Committed to showing a different style of travel - one that involves actually interacting with locals and exploring different cultures. Colombia is one of the 17 mega diverse countries in the world namely: Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, United States and Venezuela. Exploring Colombian Culture. Colombia strongly reflects its history as a colony of Spain. Manufacturing exports include textiles, chemicals, garments, and metal products. 18. Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at 13,000 m, is the world’s highest coastal mountain range. Oatmeal is not a breakfast cereal, but a juicing material.