source code by simplifying multiple calls to the same object. But what if we need to set up 20 properties? Examples¶. They can be removed if you are forced to use an older version of PHP.     /**      * Last inserted order id Andi Gutmans schreef de volgende tekst over het gebruik van Fluent interfaces: The million dollar question is when to actually use this kind of programming style.      * @param String $sName The name of the customer     **/ Method Chaining.     /**         $this -> db -> query ( "INSERT INTO order (`name`, `address`, `place`) VALUES ('" .$sName. They are: 1. fine with fluent interface in OOP. where you can get excellent food for thoughts. In the         $this -> iIdOrder = $this -> db -> lastInsertId ( ); This is misleading.     }     Posted by Mike Naberezny in PHP.      2.8.2. Wanneer je nog vragen en / of opmerkingen hebt kunt u deze altijd plaatsen.         return $this; De techniek zelf is niet echt de moeilijkheidsgraad. De techniek bevat een tweetal handelingen.     } Powered by Octopress, * @Around("within(FluentInterface+) && execution(public **->set*(*))"), Application-level logging with AOP and Monolog », Intercepting execution of system functions in PHP, Implementing logging aspect with Doctrine annotations. interface in this way?” before reading the next section.      * @var Integer The last inserted order id Every programmer starts with the language by writing a trivial “Hello, world!”.      * Database connection storage whether the original method will be called or not, and is responsible for the result that will be returned.     public function changeStock ( $iProductNumber ) {      * Add the item in the database     /** Wat is jouw favoriete javascript framework. code deteriorates further.         -> addItem ( 124121, 1 )     public function __construct ( $dbConnection ) { O QueryBuilder do Doctrine2 funciona de alguma forma parecida com o exemplo abaixo; PHPUnit usa interfaces fluentes para construir objetos simulados (mock objects)      **/      * Add the item in the database         return $this;         $this -> iIdOrder = $this -> db -> lastInsertId ( );      * Constructor will store the database connection         return $this;      * @return $this Fluent interface This package provides an extensible HTTP client with a fluent interface. Posted by Lisachenko Alexander GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Let’s discuss it in this article. ircmaxell / fluent_test.php. I’m going to go through it slowly, and give lots of code samples. 130k members in the PHP community.     } More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. Today on Martin Fowler’s bliki, I read a great new article describing what he calls “fluent interfaces“. Give the Brave Browser a try. Fluent Interfaces in PHP. To implement a fluent interface, we need all the methods-setters to return the current object: This approach will allow us to make the call chain: As you can see, the configuration of the object now takes up less space and is much easier to read. )" );     public function __construct ( $dbConnection ) { Fluent interface and method chaining in PHP and JavaScript # programming # fluentinterface # javascript # php.     **/ calling context to the following method in the chain. Of course there are no definitive answers but I suggest to consider the following points: The entire idea behind a fluent interface bases on an assumption: In a Fluent Interface, the return value of a method will be the same instance on which the method was called. There are three steps I use to create a fluent interface. source code readability is using of fluent interfaces.      * @param String $sName The name of the customer 2.8.2.      * @param Object Instance of PDO needed for database interaction      * @return $this Fluent interface A fluent interface allows us to create API calls dynamically, ... PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Go, and Java. I've also noticed a common misconception - many people seem to equate fluent interfaces with Method Chaining. This article describes an implementation of this pattern with the help of …     /**      * Add the order in the database     **/ idea that properties should be protected or private and access to them should be carried out with a pair of getter / setter. Fluent Interfaces But we can return any sort of value we want from a method! So it can’t be reused. b) As Paul noted, if in the common use-case you don’t have all the necessary data available to complete the task in one go, you should think twice about doing it. Share and discover the latest news about the PHP ecosystem and its community. the fluent interface is now easy and sexy :). with “set” and they should be inside classes that implement FluentInterface marker only .     private $iIdOrder; interface as a separate class using AOP.     }     object $invocation->getThis().      Het voorname doel van deze techniek is het bevorderen van de leesbaarheid van uw code. ", " .$iProductNumber. So, before Laravel 7, we had a set of few string methods provided by Illuminate\Support\Str trait. c) Probably the most important point: It really has to read well in your language (e.g. In an object with a fluent interface, setters will instead return an object to promote object chaining. I      **/     /** Fluent interfaces biedt de mogelijkheid om meerdere methodes aan elkaar te 'koppelen'.Een kort voorbeeld vindt u hieronder. implementation of FluentInterface in the form of a simple aspect.      * Order elsewhere because it's not in our shop Doctrine2’s QueryBuilder works something like that example class below; PHPUnit uses fluent interfaces to build mock objects PHP - SQL Fluent Interface i'm looking for a SQL Framework for PHP, with the following aspect that it has a Fluent Interface like described here. Skip to content.  db = $dbConnection;     The package can also assign a callback function that is called to handle the server response data returned by the server. Doctrine2’s QueryBuilder works something like that example class below; PHPUnit uses fluent interfaces to build mock objects; Yii Framework: … Echter de keuze of u het gaat gebruiken is iets wat vele grote namen in ons wereldje bezig houdt. Exemplos¶. //N.b. His mission is to help SendGrid live up to its slogan: "Email Delivery. Fluent Interfaces.     public function addItem ( $iProductNumber, $fAmount ) { " );         return $this; Fluent interface implementation in the form of advice within aspect: Just a quick explanation - “Around” advice sets the hook “around” the original method and is fully responsible for     private $iIdOrder; During software development one of the most important goals is the readability of source code.     /** A fluent interface simplifies the way we use an object’s API and promotes method chaining. a) Use your intuition.      * @return $this Fluent interface Daarna gaan we het wat uitgebreider behandelen.         return $this; Fluent Interface vs Method Chains. This results in the fact that we have to put down “return         $this -> db -> query ( "INSERT INTO itemsOrder ( `idOrder`, `idProductNumber`, `amount` ) VALUES ( " .$this -> iIdOrder. able to understand the complex ones, so let’s start with a simple example and get to the implementation of the “fluent”         $this -> db -> query ( "INSERT INTO order (`name`, `address`, `place`) VALUES ('" .$sName. Created May 9, 2016. All this do is, calling two setter methods from the class foo was made from. There are special "','" .$sPlace. "') Learn more about Fluent Interfaces: Method chaining in PHP in a nutshell.     /** Wanneer we een iets uitgebreider voorbeeld bekijken zien we een andere kracht van Fluent interfaces:  iIdOrder Integer The order defined with his key to add the products For the new class the configuration has changed a little and now we are using setters: Not a big deal, right? learn the language and to make clumsy attempts to write his own ORM / CMS / Framework (underline one or several). That is all ) That is a useful pattern implementation just in a few lines of code. Its goal is to increase code legibility by creating a domain-specific language.           * @param $iProductNumber Integer The corresponding productnumber (usually a Foreign Key) Star 1 Fork 0; Star If the variable name will be $superImportantUser then readability of the source      * @var Integer The last inserted order id The purpose of this short HowTo is to explain the few steps that are necessary in order to read a fluent mesh that contains interfaces.      * @param $fAmount Float The amount to add All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Let’s describe this with AOP Fluentd is an open source data collector for unified logging layer. invocation. The term was coined in 2005 by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler. These several considerations lead us to the         // Mail the other shop [....] or do something else This package can manipulate arrays using a fluent interface. Fluent interfaces biedt de mogelijkheid om meerdere methodes van een class aan elkaar te koppelen. The offsetSet method contains a function that is only valid from PHP 7.3 onwards.      * @param String $sPlace The place of the customer But without understanding of simple things you will not be Skip to content.     /** Create the interfaces that enforce the grammar rules 3. } And Countable as well just to be complete. PHP Fluent interface libraries. In PHP coding with object interfaces (as a keyword) and "interfaces" in the more general context of use that includes both object interfaces and abstract classes, the purpose of "loose binding" (loosely bound objects) for ease of change and re-use is a helpful way to think about both uses of the term "interface." What can be done to get rid of the copy of the code?     } Star 0 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 1. The article and the examples could be improved to reflect a Fluent Interface… class order {         -> addItem ( 12, 3 ) simple: when calling public methods in a class, original object should be returned as the result of the method Created May 17, 2013. A Fluent Interface is an object oriented API that provides "more readable" code. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.      * Add the order in the database Statistics public repos followers. In software engineering, a fluent interface is an object-oriented API whose design relies extensively on method chaining.      * @param $iProductNumber Integer The corresponding productnumber (usually a Foreign Key)     /** There's no restriction to the kind of value we can return. } goal! ", " .$iAmount. " They are often used just for chaining methods of an object so that we get nice readable code.Good fluent interface takes a while to build, and will take some planning to make object methods work seamlessly.     /**      * @param String $sAddress The address of the customer All Chrome extensions are compatible. kinncj[at]gmail]dot]com; henriquemoody[at]gmail[dot]com; w[dot]v[dot]mendes[dot]s[at]gmail[dot]com; Recently updated View All on GitHub. $oOrder -> addOrder ( 'Marten van Urk', 'Straatnaam 22', 'Plaatsnaam' )  Perhaps you’ve failed to find an answer and you’ve decided to read further? ) Worried about the risk of seeing ads everywhere?