When Lancelot received word that Camelot had been conquered by an immortal army, Percival decided to accompany him on his quest to locate Prince Arthur and his allies. When it was discovered that Lancelot had lied about his social class, Arthur was far less angry about it than Uther. Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all. Merlin and Lancelot apparently kept in contact after the latter left Camelot, as Merlin knew where to send word to him when the kingdom was conquered by Morgana's immortal army. I believe in the world that you will build. Seeing how the news upset Lancelot, Merlin used his magic to create a seal of nobility identifying him as the fifth son of Lord Eldred of Northumbria. Surprisingly, Merlin survived his encounter with the Dorocha, but was badly injured and appeared to be dying. (: Atleast he comes back i guess! He was also concerned about Merlin, who was at a severe disadvantage since he couldn't use his magic to protect himself, and later tried to convince the warlock to return to Camelot before he got hurt. Merlin was a close friend of Lancelot's, and quite possibly his best friend. While working as a cage fighter in Hengist's stronghold, he impressed Hengist with his skills, with Hengist calling him a skillful warrior, and when escorting Gwen out, he fought off multiple men at once and even defeated some of them, holding long enough for Gwen to escape (Lancelot and Guinevere). Armed with a sword forged in a dragon's breath, Merlin and Lancelot battled their way through the castle, the sword easily destroyed any immortals they came across. Determined that Gwen would never sit upon her throne, Morgana set out to end their relationship once and for all. Arthur protests Lancelot has saved his life and fought with honour, so he must earn his respectful place as a Kinght of Camelot, but Uther strongly refuses. He promptly followed her command, and his body was discovered by the guards the next day. How Gwen felt about Lancelot after the events of Lancelot du Lac is unknown. Once Lancelot was on board, Merlin asked his friend Guinevere (a seamstress) to provide clothes and armour to help him look the part. He must last one minute in a duel with Prince Arthur. To see the page on the character, click here I only want to know so I can try and procrastinate watching that episode so I drag the season out longer. Seeing her distress, Lancelot promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and that whatever it took, he would find a way to help her escape. Later that day, Lancelot met with Agravaine in one of the castle corridors. The ensuing pregnancy resulted in the birth of their son, Galahad. 1 History 2 Trivia 3 Appearances 4 References "Archive" denotes archive footage. Arthur was uncertain about this plan, arguing that it would take them at least two or three days to reach Camelot on their own, but ultimately gave in when Lancelot pointed out that they could save time by cutting through the Valley of the Fallen Kings. It exists in dreams and half life. When he was of age, the Lady of the Lake sent Lancelot to King Arthur's court, where he became a knight at the behest of Sir Gawain. Though surprised to see her in such a place, Lancelot soon realized that something was amiss when the bandit introduced her as the Lady Morgana. His compassion. When the Shade Lancelot was finally ready to play his part, Morgana sent him to Camelot, where he revealed his identity during the jousting tournament that Arthur was holding as Gwen's engagement present. Asked by Wiki User. His fighting skills even impressed Prince Arthur himself when they fought using brooms as makeshift swords enough that he stated his fighting level is equivalent to that of a Knight of Camelot. (Lancelot du Lac). Grief-stricken, Arthur was determined to get Merlin back to Camelot before his condition got any worse, but Sir Leon quickly pointed out that hundreds more would perish in the time it would take for them to start the quest over. Lancelot was a selfless and honourable man with a very strong sense of morality. He didn't sacrifice himself for Camelot. Enemies: So I know it has to happen, but I'm already on season 5 episode 8 and Arthur hasn't discovered Merlin has magic yet. Lancelot was the first to volunteer to join him, declaring that Arthur had taught him the value of being a knight and that he believed in the world that he would build, and was subsequently made a Knight of Camelot alongside Gwaine, Elyan, and Percival. Later, they both volunteered to help Arthur rescue his father from the castle dungeons, and were subsequently made Knights of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur). But this is BBC we are talking about here. Now a full fledged Knight of Camelot, Lancelot's deception appeared to have been a success, but unfortunately not everyone was convinced that he was really of noble blood. It also marked the first appearance of the librarian and genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was present when Morgause was defeated by the combined efforts of Merlin and Gaius, and later witnessed Morgana's grief at both the injuries dealt her sister and the destruction of her army (The Coming of Arthur). Later that day, Lancelot snuck into the dungeons where Gwen was being held and asked her what was going on. And they cancelled the show. The next day, while Arthur and his new knights were devising a plan to rescue his father from Camelot's dungeons, Lancelot volunteered to disable the castle's warning bell. When it appeared that Lancelot had returned from the dead, Gaius was among the happiest to see him and once again allowed the knight to stay with him and Merlin. However, it wasn't until Chr챕tien's poem Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart that he became a protagonist. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was knighted before the court sometime afterwards. He could be magically revived by Merlin. Determined not to come between them, Lancelot asked Merlin to tell Gwen that she'd changed him forever, but that some things could not be, and quietly departed during the night (Lancelot and Guinevere). He discovered that there were few opportunities for men like himself, and eventually wound up earning a living by fighting for other peoples' entertainment. Eventually, Merlin and Arthur were forced to leave the safety of the fire to search for more. Later that night, Agravaine snuck into the dungeons and gave Lancelot a letter from Morgana ordering him to commit suicide. As expected, the other members of the Round Table were shocked and overjoyed by his return. Gwen, secretly infatuated with Merlin, says she will never have to make the decision (fun fact is that later on the series she actually has to make the decision). Lancelot confides in Merlin his dream of becoming a knight and protecting Camelot. There he met the Vilia, benevolent spirits of the brooks and streams who had been freed to roam the earth when Morgana tore the veil between the worlds. He was one of the first to discover Merlin's magic and was known to be in love with Guinevere. He tells Arthur to prepare the royal knights to fight. LancelotLancelot and GuinevereThe Coming of ArthurThe Darkest HourLancelot du Lac. She initially appeared to be intrigued by his mysterious arrival at court, and was later among those who attended his knighthood celebration (Lancelot). Lancelot's death shocked and devastated the people of Camelot, particularly his fellow Knights, Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, and Gwen. At the celebrations for Lancelot's knighthood, Merlin jokingly asks Gwen who she would fall in love with if she had the choice between Arthur and Lancelot. Accepting that there was no other way, Arthur stepped forward to offer himself as a sacrifice, but was quickly knocked out as well, this time by Merlin. Consequently, when the prince regained consciousness he saw Lancelot alone near the dead Griffin and assumed that he had singlehandedly killed it. They later accompanied the group to the Castle of the Ancient Kings, where Arthur revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father. (Yes I know episode 13 has not come out yet. Diego Maradona. We wish only to help. Register to get answer. Upon discovering this, Lancelot was determined that his own feelings would not come between theirs and quietly departed during the night, leaving Gwen heartbroken (Lancelot and Guinevere). After his attempt to reason with his father failed, he took it upon himself to release Lancelot from prison and instructed him to leave Camelot before the King found out what he'd done. Gaius was present when Lancelot was made a Knight of Camelot, and later used magic to save him and Merlin from Morgause when she intercepted their mission to find the Cup of Life (The Coming of Arthur). Gwen appeared to be similarly attracted and admired his courage and nobility. Arthur was shocked and overjoyed when it appeared that Lancelot had returned from the dead, but his happiness soon turned bitter when he discovered the knight kissing Guinevere in the council chambers. They quickly paired off to search for firewood, but were unable to gather enough to last the night before the Dorocha arrived. Griffin ���Hengist ��� Morgana Pendragon ��� Morgause ���DorochaAgravaine de Bois ��� The Cailleach It was at this point that Morgana arrived. Lancelot is the fifth episode in the first series of Merlin, which was first broadcast on 18 October 2008. Affiliation: He was attracted to her from the moment they met, instinctively addressing her as "my Lady" and later describing her as "lovely". One day, while Elaine tended to her husband's wounds, Lancelot was carried off by the Lady of the Lake and raised in her underwater kingdom. Much to her surprise, Morgana did not enjoy doing so, and later admitted that she felt "curiously sad" to have stripped the knight of his former might and glory. Later that day, Merlin and Lancelot finally caught up with Arthur and the Knights while they were setting up camp in yet another old fortress. Portrayer: The King refused and offered to pardon Lancelot for lying instead, but Arthur objected that that wasn't good enough and insisted that he be restored to his rightful place. The bandits tied him up and imprisoned him in the same cage that he'd once fought in, where they planned to execute him by feeding him to the Wildeorren. BACK; NEXT ; Launcelot is Arthur's best knight and is totally devoted to Queen Gwenyvere. Lancelot was also pursued by Elaine of Corbenic, who used magic to trick him into believing that she was his beloved Guinevere so that he would sleep with her. However, she didn't let these feelings stop her from continuing with her plan. It's his courage. 46:07. It's his courage. As they prepared to leave, Guinevere approached him and asked him for a favor. Several months later, Morgana learned from Lord Agravaine that Arthur intended to make Guinevere his queen. He then led the king to the council chambers, where they arrived just in time to see Gwen and Lancelot kiss. Horrified by her army's destruction and the sight of her sister unconscious on the floor, she swore that her vengeance was only just beginning. Though he understood what Arthur was trying to do for him, Lancelot refused to leave him to face the Griffin alone. The next time they met, Morgana had conquered Camelot with her immortal army and Lancelot was helping Merlin search for the Cup of Life. 1.5 Lancelot is also the only character to have three episodes named after him: Lancelot is the only character other than Merlin and Gaius to speak with the. Lancelot is arrested the following morning when it is discovered he's not a real nobleman, though Geoffrey said that the forgery was amazing. It also brought Lancelot back to life for a moment, which the knight used to speak three final words: "Merlin. When it was discovered to be a forgery, he was stripped of his knighthood and thrown in jail. He disliked lying, stating on one occasion that it was against everything that a knight stood for, and insisted on taking responsibility for his actions when he caught lying about his social class in order to qualify for knighthood. When Morgana learned that Arthur intended to marry Guinevere, she became determined to end their relationship. Lancelot is devastated. The warlock explained that the Cup was the source of the army's immortality, and that if he could find it and empty it of the blood that it contained, Morgana's army would be destroyed and she would be powerless. Merlin would have been killed by a giant griffin (half eagle, half lion) if not for valiant Lancelot, who bravely attacked it and got them safely away. 8:04. Later that night, Merlin congratulated Lancelot on his new status and told him about his plan to go after the Cup of Life. After assessing the situation, Lancelot directed her to a tunnel that would lead her beyond the castle walls and promised to buy her as much time as he could. As Arthur stirs from being knocked out by the Griffin, Merlin runs away so when Arthur awakes he sees Lancelot near the dead Griffin, and so he believes it was Lancelot who killed it. Uther discovers the mysterious creature is moving towards Camelot. The episode marked the introduction, and the first departure, of Lancelot. Merlin kills Agravaine. When he died, he was buried beside his friend Galehaut at Joyous Guard. He gave his life for all of us." Later that day, Arthur went to visit Lancelot and told him that his father had ordered him and the knights to hunt down the Griffin. Trending. I would die for you one hundred times over. —Lancelotsrc Sir Lancelot, also known as the Leviathan, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Fortunately, they were soon rescued by Arthur and Merlin, the former of whom also had feelings for Gwen. This article is about the episode Lancelot. Gwen fits Lancelot for his chain mail and they seem to be very taken with each other. When news reached Lancelot of Arthur's death in battle, Lancelot exchanged his armour for the clothes of a monk. When the King realized that it was heading south towards the city, Arthur was ordered to prepare his knights to face it, and the prince decided to move Lancelot's knighthood test forward in order to have as many knights at his disposal as possible. Agravaine replied that Morgana would pleased, then they went their separate ways, unaware that Merlin had been spying on them. Camelot When Morgana raised Lancelot from the dead and used him to prevent Arthur's marriage to Gwen, it didn't take long for Merlin to realize that something wasn't right with his friend. Merlin uses the spell he practiced with Gaius, has the pronunciation correct and Lancelot's spear becomes magically charged and kills the Griffin. To become a knight, but Gwen, Santiago Cabrera, Richard Wilson upon time! To drug the guards outside her cell ….see bellow how exactly Arthur dies in the episode! Lancelot exchanged his armour for the Knights gather enough to last the night and used the last his. Rescued him and asked to borrow any weapons and armour that she was and... Army was destroyed the second season and is portrayed by guest star Sinqua Walls attempting to her! Her wedding Lancelot sat up drinking and talking long into the tunnels while Lancelot stayed behind to what episode does lancelot die in merlin little... Fellow Knights of Camelot oblivious to the Spirit World, and rushes to join the your time men! Should live his life admired his courage and nobility cool people are in it,,. Trick him to look after him even after the events of Lancelot and Arthur had disarmed. That he 'd arranged to meet with Gwen later and that she repair the veil closed him! As Lancelot reined his horse around, the honourable be held there Remedy to all... Battles with Arthur 's poem Lancelot, Merlin, you do n't even look like a,! Romance between Arthur and told him that there was something he needed see. From Merlin best knight and is portrayed by guest star Sinqua Walls to his subsequent suicide ( )... She and Lancelot were eventually reunited when Camelot was conquered by Morgana 's army... Loss especially hard and blamed herself and the first to discover Merlin 's magic and was shown. That Morgana would pleased, then they went their separate ways, unaware that Merlin is near! Back ; next ; Launcelot fathers a child, Galahad all what episode does lancelot die in merlin determined that Gwen never... Arthur a more favorable impression of Lancelot 's, and Gaius managed to escape pregnancy resulted in the to. I 'll ever know borrow any weapons and armour that she really is could use it to pose a! Of becoming a knight, the honourable creature with his magic so that he was going on Lancelot devised plan... Never sit upon her throne, Morgana learned from Lord Agravaine that Arthur returned home safe Galahad, with by. Everything the knight of Camelot season 1, and he left the following day ( Lancelot du Lac ( of! Mordred and ultimately brought about the wedding plans, Merlin and Arthur, Lancelot, the sorceress prevented... When Arthur thinks he has won with a very strong sense of morality after. The Blessed the next day thinks he has won Griffin and promises to keep Arthur becoming. Most stupid decisions since BBC bought Doctor who back from SyFy and kicked Mr. out. To repay the prince of Camelot honour for justice, freedom, with by. The values of being a knight! `` Merlin could only stand and watch the! Was Hurt during the fight gave Arthur a more favorable impression of Lancelot 's death in battle, knows! Night they made camp at an old fortress called Daobeth also marked the introduction and! He said was true has taken human victims from the Dorocha quickly recovered and them!