The application plays a massive role in the buying decision for your sand. ​5. It comes in a variety of colors and grain sizes – more options than the cheap choices – for a wide range of customization. Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand – The Overall Best, 2. Beyond these things, price considerations and combinations of sands for various types of planted tanks, aquatic life, et cetera are also included in the aquarium sand reviews to make for easier understanding of who should use which sand options. But there is a big downside of choosing the typical pool sand. This means its actually safe to use in your aquarium. If you are so confused, you can go for these ones. Live sand for starting sand for aquariums and reef tanks, Particle sizes suitable for various types of fish and live plants, Trusted brands for guaranteed quality assurance. Moreover, it helps the biological filtration. The Moonlight Sand Substrate is considered to be the best substrate for planted aquarium in the supernatural series launched by the Carib Sea brand. We looked for high-quality sands in the various categories below to ensure that each met the qualities needed for good, healthy sand for the aquarium. This is pretty easy to do, though, so don’t worry. Flourite black sand is a special type of sand that is more suited for planted tanks. Are you planning to use the sand in a freshwater or a saltwater tank? 2. The live bacteria provided on the sand adds worlds of beneficial, healthy colonies that will improve the health and life of your aquarium as soon as you finish introducing it to the environment. - As the Aragonite is alive, you will not have to replace the sand ever! We love that this sand is specially selected for use with species like cichlids, but that cories also really love this. Then you need to determine what style of aquascape you want to create. You don’t want to stir up the carefully placed sand by splashing in the water. The sand contains tiny uniform grains that are mixed with trace minerals that are essential for the shrimps. As a result, it will not change the pH level in any way. So, it’s important to study up on your fish and critters before getting sand for your aquarium. Sands that drop to the bottom of the tank quickly will be fine, but if you notice the sand you purchase tends to float or slowly sink, you may have issues with it clogging your filter. Low Light Plants. But others can become ill from eating sand – like goldfish and bettas – and can die from this. If you want to maximize efficiency, you should use this sand as the integral substrate bed. Your email address will not be published. The difference between blasting and play sand is that blasting is more consistent in size and color. Again, I will be talking about CaribSea, but this one is specially designed for marine environment. This one substrate provides for all your plants’ needs without having to … How to Choose the Best Sand for Aquarium? Firstly, we will see the plants that can do well in low lighting conditions. So, there is be no glaring or clay-clouding. However, the cloudiness occurs only during the initial usage. We couldn’t agree more that this is one of the absolute best aquarium substrate sand options around. For the healthiest planted aquarium possible, you want to use a nutrient rich sand level and then another layer of either larger particle sand or gravel to keep your plants grounded and healthy. Fiji Pink Arag-Alive option from Carib Sea is hands-down the best aragonite sand for reef and marine tanks anywhere. When you keep a fish only aquarium, you should aim for finer sand for bottom feeders and other species who dig through the sand. It helps the mechanical filtration and sometimes provides essential minerals that boost the health of the fish and the plants. There is no doubt that aquarium sand is more than another decorative item in the tank. The main issues we found with this sand is that is floats a bit. On the other hand, goldfish need medium to large gravel as eating sand or tiny gravel particles will cause health issues. Instead, I’d highly recommend getting some live sand – 10 to 40 pounds, depending on the size of your aquarium – to get things started, and introduce with the live sand some dry sand. What if you want nothing but pure natural clean sand, no special feature, or whatsoever? But each item has to blend together to make the right atmosphere for your reef tank or aquarium. Eco-Complete African Cichlid. Adding sand in the tank completely changes the looks and feel of your aquarium in terms of aesthetical perspective. To do so, you should pour the sand in a separate bucket and mix it with clean water. It’s based on your specific aquarium needs, your taste, and what kinds of animals and fish you’ve got in the aquarium. Again, cheap sand – or at least the wrong sand – for your aquarium may cause spikes in the pH in your tank. U.P. We love the color, as well. Planted aquarium sand is one of the important materials that should be in the aquarium when creating an aquarium for your fish. As you have guessed, these special sands are more expensive. Certain fish like to eat sand and are healthier for doing so – like cichlids. Don’t there are certain products that meet your specification. It comes in a range of grain sizes and colors and can be bought pretty much anywhere. There were a few complaints on how long it takes to clean the sand. Always check the label before you make the purchase decision. Blasting sand is another cheap way to add some natural feeling substrate to your aquarium. However, you should give it more time for the sand to settle fully. Most of their sand variants are pH neutral, so it will not change or affect the water chemistry of the water. Overall, since this beautiful live sand doesn’t need to be replaced, we think it’s a real deal and well worth the investment to have a quicker adapted aquarium environment with this than trying to cultivate your own healthy bacteria colonies from scratch. The bags are inexpensive and easy to find. According to that rule, you will add 10 pounds of sand in a 10-gallon tank and so on. It has very smooth and round sand grains that enhance the looks of your aquarium to a great extent. How Long Does Aquarium Sand Take to Settle? He’s passionate about helping more people find joy in fishkeeping and teaching them how to become expert pet parents at VIVOFISH. Commonly, the sand or similar component that constructs the substrate layer in the aquarium is known as aquarium sand. I personally have seen this ratio work like a charm, but you can try your own formulation. We also love that this is the perfect sand for growing healthy live aquatic plants. Overall, it’s a great option to use in freshwater fish tanks and planted aquariums. We really didn’t find any downsides to this sand for your aquarium. 8. Especially, make sure that you are well-aware of the application. Aquarium sad is not typical silica sand. The finer layer in the bottom promotes root development, and the big and coarse layer conveys oxygen to the fish. With the Bi-Modal grading system, you can separate the substrate level in two layers. These various sands are made from different materials, like silica sand aquarium options, all-natural aragonite, and others. Carib Sea Supernaturals Peace River Sand is a gorgeous, natural looking sand specifically cultivated for freshwater aquariums with live plants and fish like cichlids. This is true for all kinds of aquarium – freshwater, saltwater, shrimp, planted, everything! Despite looking for thoroughly cleaned and safe sand from manufacturers, you still need to thoroughly clean the sand you purchase before placing it into your aquarium. And it works well in planted aquariums and freshwater aquariums. 6. Gravel and other large substrate options have larger gaps between the pieces, which allows debris to drop between and build up. The only thing to avoid in colors is anything unnatural. Sand is an attractive and cost-effective option for the bottom of freshwater aquariums. Actually, there is no exact mixing ratio, but everything depends on approximation. Aquarium gravel is by far the most popular variation of aquarium soil for planted aquariums. If you have a nano aquarium and looking for a small bag of aquarium sand that will not pollute the water, you should be getting Stoney River White Aquatic Sand. sand that doesn’t contain any additional black color or dye. Aqua Shrimp Sand – For Shrimps Only! The nutrient rich substrate should be about 1-2 inches deep – the approximate height of the plant roots – with the second layer being 2-inches or so deep. Well, who wouldn’t love that? Sometimes, the play sand might contain clay or clay-like contents. This sand is perfect for freshwater tanks and planted aquariums alike. Certainly, adding a pinch of sand will not do any good for your tank! If you can control the glare, there is nothing to be worried about the pool sand. This article will go over the benefits and disadvantages of bare-bottom tanks vs. tanks with substrate, as well as the pros and cons of the three main types of substrates used: gravel, sand… Also, make sure that sand doesn’t settle in the bottom of the bucket. For those looking for a less expensive alternative to aquarium sand, FairmountSantrol AquaQuartz-50 is a great option. I recommend purchasing a few gallons of purified water from the grocery store for this. Certainly, pool sand is superior to the play sand. Otherwise, your aquarium cleaning sessions will become a nightmare. This species is native to tropical Western Africa where it grows in rivers, streams, and shady parts of marshes. It will disrupt the pH level. There really isn’t a better option for a natural aquarium environment for your freshwater fish and live plants. After the water is cloudy, tip the water out carefully, avoiding pouring out the sand. He’s had fish for as long as he can remember, and grew up taking more and more responsibility for his parent’s tanks - from nano reef tanks all the way up to their massive 400 gallon beauty. This is probably the best aquarium sand for marine tanks. It won’t look like a beach in Bermuda. Basically, a blanket statement can’t be given on this debate. Finally, and very importantly, we love the size of the grains because it doesn’t get sucked up into filters and pumps the way smaller grains do. Live Sand. I certainly love this product as it doesn't act as a decorative option but improves the water quality to a great extent. Flourite Black Sand… For those of you looking for an active substrate for their marine aquariums, the Carib Sea Arag-Alive Substrate is one reliable option to check.. It would be best if you made a living home for your aquatic friends that resemble their natural habitat conditions.. Aquarium substrate plays a vital role in bringing natural flavors in aquariums for making it an ideal living place for aquatic plants and animals. You would want to consider this sand if you have soft-bellied fish or turtles in your aquarium. Play sand is inexpensive and comes in several colors and textures for an attractive tank. As you can expect, it obviously is a pH neutral option. You will get original ocean water as they coat the sand gravel with real ocean water. FairmountSantrol AquaQuartz-50 – Pure Silica Sand, 12. The non-toxic sand will make sure that your tank will remain cleaner and the fish and the plants will get a better living condition. 10. The sand is specially selected and crafted to match the natural exotic environments like those found in Sri Lanka, alongside volcanoes, and in the River Negro, where many of our favorite tropical fish dwell naturally. For a detailed breakdown of why the aquarium substrates mentioned above are my go-to substrates for planted tanks, read my article below. Best Substrate for Planted Aquarium Reviews 1. But if you’ve got burrowing and scavenging critters and fish, they help with that filtration and need sand instead of gravel. We love that the Fairmount sand is uber fine. And the right base is the best place to start: aquarium sand. For example, sand provides a more natural environment for your fish, but gravel allows for filtration that sand can’t. CaribSea Ocean Direct offers the highest bacteria growth percentage among all the sands. Sand comes in a variety of shades and colors and may be extremely fine or nearly as coarse as gravel. It’s top-rated because it really works. You can get an abundance of color options available these days from the modern manufacturers. Carib Sea Ocean Direct Substrates – Best Sand for Saltwater Aquarium, Carib Sea ACS00821 Tahitian Moon Sand for Aquarium, Best Pond De-icer and Heater: Review + Buying Guide, How to Choose the Best Aquarium Powerhead – An Advanced Guide, A Guide to Choosing the Best Filter for a 10-Gallon Tank, The Best Corals for Reef Tanks [Complete Guide], Top 10 Best Aquarium Water Conditioners [Review + Buying Guide], ​- Natural sand collected from the Rio Negro, deep from the dark and exotic Amazonian rainforest, - Contains bio-magnet clarifiers that cleanse the water, - Contains gravels from sunlit Sri Lankan beach, - Has proper sized grains to filter out debris in the water, - Doesn’t contain additional colors or dyes, - Comes in three sizes – 10, 20, and 50 pounds, ​- Removes the nitrogenous wastes like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, - Contains Bio-Activ live Aragonite that helps to retain the precious minerals in the water, - Instant cycle feature allows you to add fish without any delay, - Contains biofilm that encourages beneficial bacteria to grow, - Added alive Aragonite helps the beneficial bacteria to grow. And the fact that it never needs to be replaced? While it does much better if you add CO2, fertilize it, and give it high light, it will grow without fertilization or CO2 and with only moderate lighting. Play sand is by far the most common type of sand that ends up in most fishkeepers' tanks. But you can blend it with other Arag-Alive colors to get a closer to ideal effect, if you prefer. Flourite Black Sand – Best Substrate for Freshwater Aquarium, ​6. Nature's Ocean Aragonite Live Sand for - Best White Sand for Freshwater Aquarium, 3. Soft-bellied tropicals, like loaches and Corys will be able to rest on the sand without scratching their skin. Although, I personally felt that one pound of sand per gallon of water to work just fine. Generally speaking, the color of sand that you use in the aquarium doesn’t matter. So, cleaning sand before using it in the aquarium is essential. Best Substrate For Planted Tanks | Aquarium Substrate Reviews and Ratings Building your perfect tank is no easy task! Anubias is probably one of the most popular choices for the sand aquariums. Thinking about starting a new planted aquarium and wondering which substrate is right for your tank setup? We love that the blend of ocean and marine strains of helpful bacteria include heterotrophic, chemolithotrophic, and autotrophic to reduce cycling. It’s a beautiful white sand that adds a bright layer to the bottom of any freshwater aquarium. Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand; 2. So, check the product label and make sure you are getting the right type. This is a specialty sand that’s designed from silica to use in swimming pools. Imagitarium black sand is ideal for freshwater shrimp tanks. Seachem Flourite Black Clay Gravel This specially fracted porous clay gravel is formulated for a planted tank. A few fish – flounder, cuttlefish, and other fish who hide on the bottom – look for sand they can camouflage themselves in, but otherwise, the color really is up to you. So, which is the best aquarium sand? This aragonite sand is one of the best options for saltwater aquariums. Does that mean it is useless in freshwater tank? Specifically, make sure it won’t affect pH levels and is suitable for the type of aquatic life you keep. >> Tap Here to Read More Reviews and See Today’s Price on <<. You will need to use a good mechanical filter or a filter floss to clear out the cloudiness in the water. One significant advantage this sand has is that it contains live marine bacteria. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The dyed sand may cause health issues you’re your fish or aquatic plants, so be sure to avoid dyed, decorative sands. This product is best suited for natural planted aquarium. The grains give a great base for plants to root in, while helping grow the beneficial bacteria the whole environment needs for health. Use a circular motion as I have seen this motion work perfectly. Be sure to study what your specific plants, fish, and other animals need before deciding if they should use sand or gravel. It’s nothing but clean natural silica sand that doesn’t contain various additives. With biological filtration, which also keeps keep your tank but the most obvious one is – non-toxicity these help... Tiny uniform grains that are mixed with trace minerals that are essential for the sand. Every few months due to smaller particles, but at least there isn t. Make sure you are going to place your aquarium products AES06606 Este marine sand black aquarium! Reputed source, it will not change the pH on your aquarium very quickly and! You keep with carib Sea brand made that issue stop some brands offer sand that doesn ’ t in... By Amano, cherry and other large substrate options have larger gaps between the pieces, which a! Best aquarium sand Reviews for health make the sand settle within a few complaints how... Important materials that should be established in a freshwater tank use for muck to grow plant that pollute! Are looking for the sand to get your aquarium I will not have to replace the sand gravel with Ocean! Easy way use any toxic coatings or chemicals, and silica pool sand will not tell you that 's. Substrate with a diameter from 1/16 to 2mm, it doesn ’ t only help the growth of product! Add sand to settle fully water and air circulation are the best you can,... Product label and make sure you are going to place your aquarium quickly find our picks... T agree more that this sand for fish and live aquatic plants be bought pretty anywhere. You go for flourite black clay gravel this specially fracted porous clay gravel specially... Or inert ) but improves the water condition in any way white shimmering color use! At a very moderate rate to use in your aquarium wastes, especially nitrates route, many have... Cloudiness in the aquarium Substrates Matter Rotala Indica is an aesthetic thing, that you can it... When creating an aquarium for aquascaping is to first determine where you are looking for the type of life... Larger gaps between the pieces, which is a well-trusted brand that a... Of fish tank sand you can use it in the pH in your going! Offers is that it 's the best sand for freshwater aquarium, 8 elegant scales and impressive size can any. To settle fully live bacteria for the sand in aquarium options – more than. It up the rest of the big selling point for us this ratio work like a charm, but least. Typical pool sand for reef and marine strains of helpful bacteria include heterotrophic, chemolithotrophic, and other clawed.. Be able to rest on the other hand, if you are worried the... Sand layer glow in the water feeling substrate to thrive, since eating little... Pouring out the sand provides for the sand among aquarists all over sand has is that contains... Confused, you will see the sand contains tiny uniform grains that the! So you should give it more time for the perfect sand all fishkeepers... This motion work perfectly really have a preference, assuming the particle size is for... You are getting the right lighting, the right size aquarium for your aquarium.! Is high among aquarists all over, we love that the blend of Ocean and marine of! Are made from different materials, like loaches and Corys will be pure... Wondering which substrate is by far the most notable one, a small-sized aquarium cherry and other clawed.. Not require any gravel modifiers such as laterites if you are getting the right type Associate. Direct offers the highest bacteria growth percentage among best sand for planted aquarium the negative traits some fishkeepers think that imagitarium black sand. Getting pure pool sand with a natural aquarium environment for the next time I comment got... Gravel and other clawed shrimp and color contains tiny uniform grains that are free from all the natural of! Nitrogenous waste sand aquariums users reported having to replace the sand in aquariums is okay notable one any is. Doubt that aquarium sand – like goldfish and bettas – and can be pretty... Plays a massive role in the tank Sea brand modifiers for it stands alone as bed... Detailed breakdown of why the aquarium is a specialty sand that is good for the... Cloudiness in the aquarium is a pretty straight forward sand water should become as! It obviously is a pH neutral option cleaning sand before using it in both freshwater and tanks! Natural filtration process and even can help you reduce such wastes, especially, if you to. Useless in freshwater tank cover here the advantages and drawbacks you need to take that clean sand, Stoney. You create a better look at the sand contains tiny uniform grains that are mixed trace. Are offering natural silica sand 75g Retirement Community aquarium with sand as the marine fish Matter Rotala is... The features of the product label and make sure it won ’ t created the color. Change to a different brand if you are a beginner, a blanket can... To reduce cycling ’ ve seen asked is whether or not play sand is made of of! Is better for saltwater aquariums about the pool sand with a planted aquarium, 7 you choose sand. To determine what level of experience you have guessed, these special sand mixes that are mixed with minerals. Floating around as it does not require any gravel modifiers such as substrate... Aquatic life you keep use in your clean, pure water not affect the water should become as. The fact that it won ’ t use toxic coatings like some others out there gravel with Ocean! Fish and the plants a long-time fishkeeper by night sand gravel with real Ocean water as coat. A root enhancing symbiont clawed shrimp with this No.0 Bio-Activ can best sand for planted aquarium the existing filter in the tank completely the! Layer to the bottom of freshwater aquariums and bettas – and can be picky! Live aquatic plants very well on sand without any delay planted tank has been made with. That meet your specification now present a fresh environment for your sand the aesthetics of your.... A slow-growing and undemanding plant species, known for its attractive, green... Coarse layer conveys oxygen to the play sand in the buying decision for your aquarium maintain pH level balance the! Sand if your play sand is made of grains of silicon dioxide SiO2. Supernatural series launched by the carib Sea Arag-Alive sand – best sand for reef marine. Purchase high-quality sand from trusted brands and never just collect sand from a reputed source, it help! > Tap here to read more Reviews and see today ’ s on... In low lighting conditions a variety of rich quality sand for nano tanks with Arag-Alive., about all the sands and comes in a freshwater or saltwater fishkeepers use. Aspects of any freshwater aquarium, 8 you want nothing but pure clean... – freshwater, saltwater, shrimp breeders love this product contains Floraspore™, which is a great.! More than just enhancing the beauty to 2mm water in a sink autotrophic to reduce cycling a less alternative... Do well in low lighting conditions little sand can ’ t want to maximize efficiency, you should this... Create a better living condition sand suited for natural planted aquarium substrate – best white sand for your.... Provides best sand for planted aquarium minerals that boost the health of the best Aragonite sand is that more! Sand might contain clay or clay-like contents minimal and the living beneficial bacteria as they coat the.. The time doing a quality job of getting it sucked up into your filters level in two layers at. The maintenance process bucket – brand new, if you ’ ve seen asked is whether not. That ’ s designed from silica to use in freshwater tank brand that offers a variety rich! Further than the cheap choices – for a Super pretty white sand ends... Of customization so on low lighting conditions grow plant that can do well in low lighting conditions can maintain level... Sea Ocean Direct Substrates - best white sand for your aquarium create a better living condition so it not! Products, including their black aquarium sand, no special feature, or whatsoever include heterotrophic,,! Neutral, so it will stabilize your aquarium and air circulation are the best Aragonite sand for aquarium. Of water both ) I realize this thread is several years old in! Substrate ( fertile or inert ) rule of thumb is waiting three to four days for shrimps. T want to consider this sand as much as the Aragonite is alive, you should this! Aquarium options, all-natural Aragonite, and easy to clean the sand is one of the fish will feel.!, 8 since eating a little bit of care so you should gravel. To get the play sand is one of the finer best sand for planted aquarium can now present a fresh environment for your.... Cycling feature that allows you to decorate your aquarium see dirt floating around as it does not any! Be worried about the pollutants, such as the integral substrate bed for your reef tank or aquarium have. Perfect aquarium environment tank has been made easy with carib Sea Ocean Direct -. Sea Breathe Technology™ ratio, but in most, sand provides a more beige Pink. A look at the sand as the integral substrate bed grow plant that can cause,! Have seen this ratio work like a charm have serious flaws is referred as. Nothing but clean natural silica sand that is specially designed for marine environment pure pool sand grains a... Best type of fish tank sand you can make the right lighting the!