What’s in the tank? You see them swirling around for as long as it takes for things to settle. Too much protein in the water of a fish tank can coat the bubbles, preventing them from popping. HI Forum, I did my first partial water change last wednesday and noticed about three days later bits of white floating around tank,just want to know what … Only feed your fish what they will eat in 15 minutes. I’ve got a quick list of 15 floating aquarium … They swim like jellyfish. The good news is that the more common one, Detritus Worms, are naturally found in many aquariums, and an infestation can be fixed with proper maintenance. I have hundreds of little white specks / flakes floating in my aquarium water, and just want to know with full certainty... Is this the sign of a bacterial bloom in my tank? Are they dangerous to plants/fish? I'll check the tank and everything looks good except it looks like its snowing in the tank. Rarely do I see any water parameters posted so the answer is often hard to determine. The excess fish food that sinks to the bottom of the tank becomes the main food source for worms lurking in the substrate. If you only have a few, and you don’t mind the look of them, you may not consider them pests at all. Shirlie Sharpe. report. What are those little white bug-like things crawling around in my tank? There will always be a little left behind, I wouldn't worry about it too much. looks like dandruff...im cycling right now its about day 3. I have just switched my fish over to this tank about 2 weeks ago, and it went from green, which i fixed with closing my blinds, to white cloudy water.If it helps, i use an undergravel filter, but to do the quick clear I used my power carbon filter, and that seems to clear the tank up, for a little at least. By entering this site you declare They're unfriendly little creatures, preying on tiny fish, fry and small shrimp. my tank is covered with glass then the light so i dont think it could be from that and when it starts on the liverock it seems to be clearly attached as hair or "fuzz" as for sand my sand is light but it is noticibly not sand . Favorite Answer. I have a 20-gallon tank, the water is a little colored and I'm starting your recommended treatment. There is white flaoting particles all over my tank. Most tanks take about 4-8 weeks to cycle, depending on the bioload and size of the tank.For more information, see our article Explaining the Nitrogen Cycle.White, mold-like coating often isolated to a single ornament (especially natural ornaments like driftwood) in a freshwater tankThis is usually a sign of fungus or decomposition. my salinity is 1.023-1.024 my temp is 77. i put water in the tank then i added salt untill proper salinity (when tank was empty) then i let it sit with a powerhead for 2 days. I got a few ideas. If you see a few detritus worms you say "Hey guys! I have these little white things floating in my tank water. I've set up a brand new tank, no feeding yet, no fish. You’re curious how it got there, knowing that you didn’t put any snails in your fish tank, but you let it be for the time being. Little white dots of stuff floating all over the place. To free the tank of these worms simply do not feed your fish for 3-4 days as they will often feed on them. You won't know the answers to these questions until you have properly identified whatever it is, and this is most times easier said than done. Fish bowl I had to change the water every day and used prime and water was so toxic. I think that the white strings might be detritus worms. When one fish in a tank gets sick, it won't be long before the rest of the fish will start showing symptoms. They are also crawling on the driftwood. Here are the common causes of foam on aquarium water and what can be done to eliminate it. The fluke is a parasite worm that is visible on the skin or gills of the fish. Sometimes, I have noticed he eats at things, which I didn't know what to think of, but I noticed just now it is these little white critters he is eating. 100% Upvoted. If you like you can try adding a filter sock but make sure you clean it out everyday. Reviewed by. I fist noticed one of these swimming around in my tank less than a week ago. If the specks are indeed hydra, you'll notice they have an elongated body and long tentacles. If not controlled, there is a 100% mortality rate of the fish in the aquarium. if it's what I think it is it's a fungus that grows on decaying food, and this fungus produces ammonia LOTS of ammonia. One day, you look into your fish tank and notice a cute little snail clinging to the inside of the glass. https://www.patreon.com/somainkdesigns Aufwuchs! Hi I havnt yet introduced fishes in my aquarium it it just plants n rocks I set up my aquarium just couple of weeks ago so I found just yesterday that icame across with very tiny tiny white worms I go through the online articles nut couldn’t difference that was this is a detritus or … Even if i shake change water til completely dissolved , my water is super cloudy after water changes til minerals settle. They work as scavengers, cleaning up waste, debris, and uneaten food. The last few days the water has been really cloudy, and we just noticed this weird white fuzzy stuff floating around, mostly at the bottom on top of the gravel. White spot is very contagious. As well, any fish that are in the tank with the frogs may pose a threat. This is what my tank looked like for about an hour after doing a heavy gravel vac and 50% water change. Believe it or not, those little snails actually do some good in your tank. African Dwarf Frogs can be a great addition to your tank. It always be cloudy when I do a water change and debris float around but clear up after a couple of hours. These are little white swimming things that have mysteriously appeared in two of my 10-gallon aquarium. Seeing these worms swim around gives me the creeps! They arent those worm things they arent moving or stuck on the glass.The only thing white ony the glass is on the outside from water drops. When I do a water change the water seem to be cloudy (white grayish color) and debris is everywhere little white floating things in the water. Many fish grow larger after they are purchased, and some fish are territorial and become aggressive when crowded with other fish. I was finally ready to do a water change to prepare for fish introduction and was arranging my natural driftwood in the tank. 8 Answers. I have researched Fish Lore, as well as Google, and peoples' opinions always seem to indicate these white specks are bacteria. Reply. Thanks this has been really helpful to me because I have the same things on my freshwater tank's wall. Basically, it looks like there are tiny white specks (they look like dust particles) floating all over and being blown around by my pumps. It’s not worms trust and believe that. It's nothing to worry about unless you see an obscene amount of detritus worms. If you can see tiny white worms floating around in your fish tank there is a high possibility that you have either planaria or detritus worms. It looks like dust bunnies, like a sock went through the filter or something. Also mixed in with the fuzzy stuff are little white things that look like fish poo. Algae often grows as a reaction to extra organic matter in the fish tank. Upon closer look I noticed numerous little white dots on the glass of my tank and they move around. Any soap-tainted aquarium will have to be drained and everything rinsed thoroughly to remove every last bit of soap. Something really weird showed up in my aquarium. You don't see the left behind Heavy Chunks at this point because (a) they are still resting on and in the gravel and (b) you're busy trying not to make a mess. All that was added to the aquarium was … It’s not worms trust and believe that. im just worried this dust is from them decomposing? I am setting up a new tank. They have a head-shape if you look carefully. African Dwarf Frogs are some of the most popular additions to tanks. Some will re-settle. Most bristle worm infestations are secondary to overfeeding. When viewed most angles outside your tank, hydras look like small white specks seemingly glued to the glass. Little white dots it looked like also i have in both tanks these little white microscopic things all over the glass and.in the.water theres thousands of.em i dont know what to do What are the little white things floating in my aquarium water? If your tank is loaded with toxic chemicals, like chlorine and ammonia, the fish get their own oxygen by floating to the surface and blowing bubbles. Is it cycled? share. https://www.patreon.com/somainkdesigns Aufwuchs! Why is there debris little white hair things floating in my tank after a water change? May 26, 2019 at 9:49 am. They like to hang around the silicon strip on the corners. Even a little bit of residue from a cleaning solution could severely harm your fish. The best thing any fish caretaker can do is to properly quarantine all new, sick, or injured fish, and to stimulate a fully functioning fish immune system with proper water quality, an appropriate environment, and good nutrition.